Worship: October 1, 2017

Sunday, October 1, 2017

World-Wide Communion

River of Life

 Visitors: Welcome to our church.  Please sign our guest book!  If you do not have a church home, we pray that you will find one with us.  We have large-print bulletins available, as well as hearing assistance devices.  Please ask an usher if you require either of these.  Restrooms are located in the church school building.  Go through the door next to the choir loft, and straight ahead.  We also have restrooms downstairs in Fellowship Hall.  Again, exit through the door next to the choir loft, turn left down the hall, and go down the steps. 

 We Gather In Awe And Wonder



Chime Interlude And Candle Lighting Response

Leader:   We light a light in the name of the God who made heaven and earth.

All:         We light a light in the name of our Lord, whose love has been poured into our hearts.

Leader:   We light a light in the name of the Holy Spirit, who leads us into all truth.

All:         We light three candles because all praise and glory is yours, O God – Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier.

Praise Response:   “Let Us Talents and Tongues Employ”………..…#526, v. 1

 *Call To Worship

One:       The spirit moved over the water and life emerged from the deep.

All:         We are drawn to the well-spring, the water of life.

One:       Here let us drink deeply from the life-giving river of God.

All:         We gather in this place to be refreshed, renewed.

*Hymn:   “All Who Hunger, Gather Gladly” ………………#509


Leader:   God of living water, God of flowing rivers, God of gurgling streams, we are as dependent on you as we are on water itself.  Refresh us with your life-giving water that we may become streams of living water that bubble over with the fullness of life.  Revive us with your rainbow promise that we may carry in each cell of our bodies enough hope to care for the rivers of Earth.  Renew us in your crystal clear river that we may be cups of your life-giving water for those whose spirits are dying of thirst.  Amen.

 We Recognize Our Brokenness

Prayer Of Confession And Renewal

One:       When we are empty,

All:         fill us, O God.

One:       When we are careless,

All:         wash us clean.

One:       When we are selfish,

All:         spill over our edges.

One:       When we are frightened,

All:         flow with us in gentle pools.

One:       When we are dry,

All:         rain in our hearts.

One:       When we are bogged down,

All:         set your rainbow above us.

One:       When we are asleep,

All:         splash us awake, for often we forget to let your healing waters flow through us. Amen.   (A time for silent prayers of confession)

Assurance Of God’s Forgiveness

One:       Friends, the God who calls us into new life, sends the Spirit to renew the whole Earth.

All:         God surrounds us in a covenant of love.  We will live in thanks and praise.

Reading Of The Scripture:   Revelation 22: 1-5 (N.T., pg. 245)

Faith Lesson For All Ages

Anthem: “Come, Dine With Me”……………….……Baertschi

We Reflect On New Possibilities

Reading Of The Gospel:   Matthew 21: 23-32 (N.T., pg. 22)

Message For This Day

 *Hymn: “Come, Behold! The Feast of Heaven”………………..#511

Pastoral Prayer And The Lord’s Prayer

    (Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.  Thy kingdom come.  Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread.  And forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.  And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.  For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever.  Amen.)

Our Offering: Our financial offering is one way that our members participate in the mission and ministry of this church. We thank you for your financial support.  For those of you who are visiting, please feel no need to participate in the offering.  This worship service is our gift to you.


 *Doxology: “Praise God, from Whom All Blessings” ………..….#606

*Prayer Of Dedication

One:       God of forests, land, rivers, wilderness, and outback places, you shower us with wonder and mystery, you do not let us go, even when we would run and hide, you enter the groaning creation and fill us with the promise of life.

Two:      You break through in the bleakest of moments with crystal clear waters and love, illuminating light.  You invite us to look and see in the deep sadness and touch us with healing to experience rebirth.

All:         With the hope with which you have filled us, and the love you have shared, we join your mysterious purpose to refresh, revive, and renew all the Earth.  Amen.

World-Wide Communion

(We practice open-communion, which includes non-members and children.)

 *Opening Words

Leader:.. God, our Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer made life out of nothing but love, cares for life for no reason but love, guides and protects life for no reason but love.  In love, God calls us, beloved creatures, made in God’s own image, to feast with God and with each other, that we may taste and see God’s goodness, delight in God’s ways of justice and peace, learn to recognize and love our neighbour, and work with gladness and courage for the in-breaking of God’s realm on earth.  With love, our Creator God calls us to this table inviting us to break bread, share the cup, delight in these good gifts of Earth, and be renewed by God’s sustaining love.

*Prayer Of Thanksgiving

Leader:.. Redeemer, born into our story, a human being just like us you experienced life like we do, knowing hunger and fear, pain and sorrow, birth and life, suffering and death.  You came to travel beside us and show us how to live with love.

All:…….. With awe and wonder, we praise you, Creator God.

Leader: . Sustainer, spirit of wonder and mystery and might, conqueror of death, destroyer of darkness, whisperer of truth in the chaos of confusion, guide of goodness in the presence of temptation source of hope in the valley of despair.

All:…….. With awe and wonder, we praise you, Creator God.

Leader:. Welcoming God, you preside at this table, inviting us all to join you and feast with you.  With humble hearts, we accept your gracious invitation, trembling but trusting, we move toward your embrace, grateful and amazed, we recognize ourselves as your beloved children.

All:…….. With awe and wonder, we praise you, Creator God.

*Words Of Institution

Blessing Of The Bread And Cup

Leader:.. Holy Spirit, make this bread to be for us the Bread of Life that we might know you deeply, that all who hunger might be filled, that we might be sustained through all that comes our way.  And make this cup to be the cup of mercy, compassion, and wholeness, that you might fill us again with your great love for us, that we might spill that mercy into all the world, and that we may be assured your abundance is enough for always.

Sharing Of The Elements (Please note the wine is in the outer ring and the grape juice is in the inner rings. The round wafers are gluten-free.)  (Please hold each element so we may eat and drink together.)

*Communion Prayer

All:…….. Creator God, you have welcomed us to your table, fed us with your bread and wine, nourished us with your eternal love, and filled us with a renewed sense of your divine peace.  Send us forth from this place empowered to share the good news of your active presence in the world,

to witness to the wonders of your creation, and to love you and love our neighbor with all our heart and mind and strength and soul.   Amen.

 We Go Forth To Live Transformed Lives

*Closing Hymn: “Hallelujah! We Sing Your Praises” ………..….#538


Leader:   Go from this place of refreshment to awaken hope, share healing, and restore justice.  May the life-giving river of God flow in and through you, pouring out God’s blessing in love for one another and for all the Earth now and forever.  Amen.

*Choral Benediction:   “Let Us Talents and Tongues Employ”.…..#526, v. 3

*Chime Meditation


*Where noted, please stand if able.                                          


September’s Proverb:

As the door turns on its hinges, so does a lazy person in bed.  Proverbs 26: 14

UACT Is Excited To Be Offering A Study And Fellowship Opportunity for our members, in the fall of 2017.  On November 2, 9, 16, and 30 we will be engaged in a study that celebrates our shared heritage in the Protestant Reformation.  2017 is the 500th Anniversary of this important event!  Learn the central claims of our faith, and the ways in which we can live them today.  We are offering a morning and evening session. Refreshments will be served!  This is the first of a series of month-long sessions that we will be offering, with the next one in January.

Trinity UCC Biglerville at 9:30 a.m.

Zion UCC Arendtsville at 7 p.m.

It will be co-led by our UACT pastors.  Come, meet some new friends, and share in the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation in a new and exciting way.

Neighbors In Need helps make another world possible. It needs your support.  Please give generously to today’s special mission offering.  Extra envelopes are in your pew rack and on the credenza.

A Property Meeting will be held on October 3 at 7:00 p.m. at Zion House.  The meeting will be to discuss clean-up and painting after completion of the heating/cooling system installation and the relocation of a storage shed.

Boiler Capital Campaign (As of September 25)
Received one-time contributions $77,196
Monetary value of pledges received $31,800
Pledges received thus far in cash $   7,768


Mail For Those Who Serve.   Ben Battersby is actively serving in Afghanistan. If you wish to send Ben a card, his address is PFC Battersby, Benjamin / Bravo Troop, 3-73, CAV NKC / APO, AE 09354

A John’s Meals Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 17, at 6:30 p.m. in Fellowship Hall.

Please join us for a free community concert and sing-along fund raiser for all Hurricane Victims!

Come Sing, Dance, And Donate!

When: Sunday October 1, 2017, 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Where: Legion Woods, Biglerville

What:  Up-Beat Familiar Music by Talented Local Musicians who invite you to join them to Sing, Dance, and Donate. Relax, dance, and listen to music. Bring lawn chairs, snacks or a picnic, and blankets to relax and enjoy.   To be held outside!  (weather permitting but it will be inside if it rains). All donations will go to one these charities of your choice:

Americares (Community health and medical care), Operation USA (Disaster relief & development since 1979)

Please come and join us to help the Hurricane Victims of Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Maria!

For more info call:  (717) 677 – 7747 or (717) 752-6108

Zion’s Financial Data

Income through August – $121,981.95

Expenses through August – $127,593.62

*Deficit – $5,611.67

*This is partially due to the unbudgeted $3,000 cost for a new copier in 2017.

 The Upper Adams CROP Walk will be held on Sunday, October 22, at 1:00, leaving from Zion’s parking lot.  Please plan to join us for either a one- or two-mile walk.  Donations may be placed in the CROP lunch box on the credenza at the rear of the sanctuary.  Checks should be made to “Upper Adams CROP.”

Hey, Guys … Enjoy a Night Of Great Food And Fellowship!! Trinity Lutheran Church cordially invites all the menfolk of this church and any guests (friends/neighbors) they wish to invite (of all ages) to the Annual “FATHER & SON DINNER” to be held on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 22, beginning at 5 p.m. in the Social Room at Trinity Lutheran Church, Arendtsville.  Dinner will be a freewill offering.  The guest speaker will be RYAN MORRIS, CEO of TRIPWIRE OPERATIONS GROUP which teaches police and fire departments how to handle explosives and explosive threats. Contact the Trinity Church Office at office@trinityarendtsville.org or 717-677-8921 with your name and the number attending by October 15.

Coming Up Next Week:

Oct. 1, Confirmation, St. Paul’s Lutheran, 6:00 pm

Oct. 3, Property mtg, Zion Hse, 7:00 pm

Oct. 4, Lectio divina, Mustard seed rm, 6:30 pm

Oct. 4, Christmas choir rehearsal, 7:30 pm


Looking Forward:

Oct. 8, No Sunday School for children, 10:15 am

Oct. 9, Ladies’ breakfast, Apple Bin, 9:00 am

Oct. 15, No Sunday School for children, 10:15 am

Oct. 17, John’s Meals board mtg, F. H., 6:30 pm

Oct. 18, What’s Cookin’, Trinity Lutheran, 6:00 pm

Oct. 19, Book Club, Mustard seed rm, 7:00 pm

Oct. 22, Children sing, 9:00 am

Oct. 22, CROP Walk, Leave Zion’s parking lot, 1:00 pm