Worship: May 14, 2017

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Story, Chapter 30: Paul’s Final Days

Visitors: Welcome to our church.  Please sign our guest book!  If you do not have a church home, we pray that you will find one with us.  We have large-print bulletins available, as well as hearing assistance devices.  Please ask an usher if you require either of these.  Restrooms are located in the church school building.  Go through the door next to the choir loft, and straight ahead.  We also have restrooms downstairs in Fellowship Hall.  Again, exit through the door next to the choir loft, turn left down the hall, and go down the steps. 

We Gather In Awe And Wonder



 Candle Lighting Liturgy For Easter Season

Leader:   We light a light in the name of the God who brought glory to the world in the brightness of God’s Son, Jesus.

People:  We light a light in the name of Jesus, who pierced the darkness of our lives, with his love.

Leader:   We light a candle as we call on the Holy Spirit to bind us together in love.

All:         Shine on us, Lord Jesus, in the new life of your resurrection.

Response: “I Love You, Lord”……………………#627

 *Call To Worship

One:       Like the multi-hued pebbles gathered onto a beach,

All:         so we come from many places.

One:       Like river stones, smooth from life’s surges or chipped in the world’s torrents,

All:         so we come worn and wounded.

One:       Like precious stones, chosen, crafted and valued,

All:         so we come, cared about and loved by God.

One:       Like the stones of a building,

All:         so God brings us together.

One:       Come, as living stones, into God’s presence!

All:         We come to worship God.

*Hymn: “That Easter Day with Joy Was Bright” ………………#254


One:       O God, you are like a firm foundation for us, the One on whom we depend when we face difficulty and danger.  In times of new birth and growth, in times of uncertainty and risk, help us to trust in you, for you know what lies ahead and our times are in your hand.  In this time of worship, show us the way of truth and life.

All:         Amen.

We Recognize Our Brokenness

Prayer Of Confession

One:       Life-renewing God, we celebrate the events of Easter:  the stone that was rolled aside, opening the way to life; the risen Christ who took the frightened disciples by surprise; the one who was rejected becoming the keystone.

All:         Alleluia!  Christ is risen!

One:       Stones on a path can hurt our feet.  We think of the challenges in life that make our way hard:  large things that make us change direction and find another path in life; little things that make us stumble.

All:         We lament the events in life that have dashed our hopes and dreams; we confess our annoyance and anger when life has not gone the way we planned.

One:       Even a tiny stone in a shoe can cause injury and pain; and small things in life can take our minds off the way we are going and spoil the pleasure of traveling.  Narrow attitudes and unrealistic expectations can cause pain for ourselves and others.

All:         We lament the injuries we have borne through others’ carelessness; we confess the pain we

carry when we fail to stop and deal with the things that need to be put right in our lives. Forgive us for journeying with burdens we do not need to carry.  Place them in your redeeming love.  (A time for silent prayers of confession.)

Assurance Of God’s Forgiveness

One:       Whether worn and scattered, or hard or broken, you are chosen and precious.  You have received mercy and are God’s people.

All:         Alleluia!  We are God’s people and proclaim God’s goodness.  Amen.

 Affirmation:   “God Is So Good”. . . …………………..#75, v 1

Reading Of The Story: Paul says farewell to Timothy (pg. 458); 2 Timothy 4: 1-8 (N.T., pg. 201)

Anthem:   “Softly and Tenderly”………………………Thompson

Heather, Soloist

Reading Of The Gospel:   John 14: 1-14 (N.T., pg. 102)

 We Reflect On New Possibilities

Message For This Day

 *Hymn: “I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light”……..#377

Pastoral Prayer And The Lord’s Prayer

    (Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.  Thy kingdom come.  Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread.  And forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.  And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.  For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever.  Amen.)

Our Offering: Our financial offering is one way that our members participate in the mission and ministry of this church. We thank you for your financial support.  For those of you who are visiting, please feel no need to participate in the offering.  This worship service is our gift to you.


*Doxology: “Praise God, from Whom All Blessings” ………..….#606

*Prayer Of Dedication

One:       While we seek to be fed and satisfied in our spirits, many others also seek to be fed and satisfied.  We

who have received mercy are called to have mercy on all who are in need.

All:         So we join our gifts with the gifts of others asking you, faithful God, to use them to ease

hardship, brighten the shadows, and bring peace to those who are troubled. Amen.

We Go Forth To Live Transformed Lives

*Closing Hymn: “Come Sing to God”………….#805


One:       Go, as Easter people, living stones, called and chosen, forgiven and formed into a new community, working together to show God’s mercy and truth.

All:         We go to live in God’s way in the name of Christ and the power of the Spirit.  Amen.

*Choral Benediction: “Go with Us, Lord”………………#748

*Chime Meditation


*Where noted, please stand if able.      


May’s Proverb: 

The righteous know the rights of the poor; the wicked have no such understanding. Proverbs 29: 7

 The Strengthen The Church Special Mission Offering will be received on June 4. This offering is used to envision and invest in the many voices of what church can be—to invest in the future of Christianity!  Please give as you are able.

In Recognition Of Mother’s Day, all women are invited for light refreshments and flowers after church. Please plan to join us in the back of the church to honor all of our special “mothers.”

 The Next John’s Meals Executive Board Meeting is on Tuesday, May 16, at 6:30 p.m. in Zion’s Fellowship Hall.

All Are Invited To Participate in walking to Fairview Cemetery on May 28 when the children lay loose flowers on the veterans’ graves.  Loose flowers will be accepted that morning.  If you can provide a snack upon the children’s return, please let Jessica know.

A Congregational Meeting concerning boiler replacement will be held on June 4. If you are not going to be in worship that day, please be sure you get a proxy ballot from the office. Details are forthcoming.

 Mark Your Calendars. On June 11 we will worship at Oakside Park at 10 a.m. with a picnic to follow. Sign up sheet and details are forthcoming.

 With John’s Meals joining under the UACT umbrella and its 501(c)3 status,  monetary donations may now be made payable to “UACT – John’s Meals” and made be put into the offering plate or mailed to: UACT, PO Box 593, Arendtsville, PA 17303.

Zion’s Financial Data

Income through April – $62,606.58

Expenses through April – $71,756.73

Deficit – $9,150.15

 Totem Pole Playhouse Outing – Mark your calendars now for August 5 to attend the matinee performance of “Million Dollar Quartet,” the smash-hit musical inspired by the famed December 4, 1956, recording session that brought together rock ‘n’ roll icons Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins inside the Sun Records’ recording studio in Memphis, Tennessee for one unforgettable night. The musical features a treasure trove of the greatest rock, rockabilly, gospel, R&B and country standards of the 1950s, over 20 hits such as “Great Balls of Fire,” “I Walk the Line,” “See You Later, Alligator,” and “Blue Suede Shoes.”  Tickets will be available at a reduced rate and, if needed, transportation from Zion can be provided.  A sign-up sheet is available in the rear of the sanctuary. What better deal for a great afternoon at Caledonia and the Totem Pole!

 The 2017 Flower Chart is posted in the vestibule.  Available dates are June 18; July 2; Aug. 13; September 3; October 29; November 12; and December 17. When Paying For Altar Flowers, please give payment to the altar guild representative for that month. A check payment is preferred. Altar flowers are from The Flower Boutique with a florist’s choice $35 arrangement cost.

A Huge Thank You To Everyone Who Participated In Our Filled Basket Fundraiser.  We made $2,330 to be used for capital improvements.

2017 Filled Basket Fundraiser Recipients

$2,330.00 for Capital Improvements


Children’s Peggy Wine Dick
Gardening Nancy Day at the Beach Ellen
Pasta Shirley Picnic Jo
Bath & Body Works Emma Hickory Bridge Farm Brittni
Paws, Claws & Feathers Bill Vera Bradley Tracey
Care Care Wayne Grilling Sally
Fair Trade Coffee & Tea Bob Dog Chance
Chocolate Wayne Picture This Craig
First Aid Fred    
Keurig Heather (who then donated it to Fellowship Hall)


Community Aid Clothing Bin is available in the Zion House parking lot for clothing donations along with shoes, accessories, draperies, and bed linens.   We receive funds each quarter based upon the weight of items deposited in the container, and those funds are used toward the Mission Budget.  For the fourth quarter, $160 was received. Please place donations in plastic bags before dropping them into the bin.  After your yard sales, consider donating unsold appropriate items to the bin.

Single Serve, Microwaveable Cups Of Macaroni And Cheese are being collected to benefit John’s Meals.  The cups need not be a brand name (like Kraft); store brand is fine.  We will be providing 100 cups each month and they may be placed in the cupboard in the rear of the church.  Any questions, please see Gina or Chris.  As always, thank you so much for your faithful support of this ministry.

Greeter And Bulletin Sponsorship Sign-Up Sheets are now on the credenza.Greeters are needed for May 28, and June 18.

(Bulletin Sponsorship is $15 per Sunday. Please place your remittance designated for Bulletins in the offering plate.)

Coming Up Next Week:

May 16, John’s Meals executive board mtg, FH, 6:30 pm

May 17, What’s Cookin’, Trinity Lutheran, 6:00 pm

 Looking Forward:

May 21, Church chat for Sunday School parents, 10:15 am

May 21, Confirmation, St. Paul’s Lutheran, 6:00 pm

May 22, Consistory mtg, Zion Hse, 7:00 pm

May 28, Children walk to cemetery; last day for Sunday School, 10:15 am

June 3, South Mountain Ramblers, Kim and Larry’s house, 9:30 am

June 4, Communion, recognition of high school graduates, and congregational mtg, 9:00 am

June 11, Worship and picnic at Oakside Park, 10:00 am

June 12, Ladies’ breakfast, Apple Bin, 9:00 am

June 12, Hoss’s Community Night Fund Raiser, Hoss’s, Gettysburg, 12 – 8 pm

June 21, Book Club, Tony and Gina’s House, 6:00 pm

June 25, Trivia Nite, 6:00 pm