Worship: June 10, 2018 (Oakside)

     Sunday, June 10, 2018     

The Will of God

We Gather In Awe And Wonder



*Call To Worship

Leader:     How good it is to gather here and hear the word of God.

People:     How good it is that we can worship with one another.

Leader:     How good it is that we can bring the concerns of our lives and our world to God in the prayerful support of this community.

People:     So, let’s share with one another the joys and celebrations we have experienced this week.

Leader:     How good it is to celebrate with one another.  Surely God rejoices with us.

*Hymn: “Sweet Hour of Prayer” ………………(insert)


Leader:     God who speaks, we want to hear you.  Guide us in this time of worship to hear your voice.  Speak to us in the songs, in the Word, in the laughter of children, and in the chatting with a new friend.  Speak to us, God, your children are listening.  Amen.

We Recognize Our Brokenness

 Prayer Of Confession

Leader:     God speaks in the circumstances of our lives.  Hearing what is said can be difficult.  Often what is said is subtle, sometimes we can’t hear because we are inattentive, sometimes we block our ears, sometimes it comes in the voice of someone we do not regard.  In the quiet that is to follow you are invited to do three things:  Recall a time when you have been hurt because others did not listen to you.  Recall a time when you hurt someone because you did not listen to them.  Recall a time when, with hindsight, you are sure that the Spirit was speaking but you could not hear. (Silence for reflection.)

Assurance Of God’s Forgiveness

Leader:     In the stillness, the Spirit brings forgiveness, let it flow into your heart and mind so that you can let go of these things from the past.  In the stillness, the Spirit brings transformation; we can make a change for good.  Let the Spirit come and open our ears to what will be significant for us to hear.

Reading Of The Epistle:   2 Corinthians 4: 13 – 5: 1 (N.T., pg. 170)

Anthem:   “Hymn of Promise”………Natalie Sleeth


 We Reflect On New Possibilities

 Reading Of The Gospel:   Mark 3: 20-35 (N. T., pg. 35)

Message For This Day

*Hymn:  “For the Beauty of the Earth”……….(insert)

Pastoral Prayer And The Lord’s Prayer

Our Offering

Offertory:   “He”………….Richard Mullen and Jack Richards


 *Doxology: ……..“Praise God, from Whom All Blessings”

 *Prayer Of Dedication

Leader:     Having heard and been reminded about the good things that these gifts do, we give with generous hearts.  Amen.

 We Go Forth To Live Transformed Lives

*Closing Hymn: “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”…(insert)


Leader:     Go out into your week with your ability to hear the call of God restored, and your ability to be people transforming the world strengthened.  Go with Spirit as your guide and counsel.  Amen.

 *Where noted, please stand if able.                                    


Zion Trivia is today, June 10, starting at 6:00 p.m. Why not gather a team and join us?  Any questions, see Gina.

You are all cordially invited to Trinity Lutheran Church’s “Annual Picnic with Worship” on Sunday, June 24.  Our worship service will be held at 10:30 a.m. at the South Mountain Fairgrounds’ auditorium with the annual picnic to follow at 11:30 a.m.  Please feel free to come to both or, if you prefer attending your own worship service, consider attending the picnic.  Drinks are provided, just bring place settings, cutlery, and a covered dish item. Barbecued Chicken can be ordered at a cost of $7 for a half chicken (adults); $4.00 apiece (children).  An approximate count of those attending and number of orders for chicken would be appreciated before or on Sunday, June 17. (office@trinityarendtsville.org or 717-677-8921)

Coming Up Next Week:

June 10, Trivia nite, 6:00 pm

June 11, Ladies’ breakfast, Apple Bin, 9:00 am

June 11, Hoss’s Community Night Fund Raiser, Gettysburg, 12 – 8 pm

June 16, South Mountain Ramblers, King’s Gap Mansion, 10:00 am