Worship: April 23, 2017

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Wounded Hands

 Visitors: Welcome to our church.  Please sign our guest book!  If you do not have a church home, we pray that you will find one with us.  We have large-print bulletins available, as well as hearing assistance devices.  Please ask an usher if you require either of these.  Restrooms are located in the church school building.  Go through the door next to the choir loft, and straight ahead.  We also have restrooms downstairs in Fellowship Hall.  Again, exit through the door next to the choir loft, turn left down the hall, and go down the steps. 

We Gather In Awe And Wonder



 Chime Interlude

 Candle Lighting Liturgy For Easter Season

Leader:   We light a light in the name of the God who brought glory to the world in the brightness of God’s Son, Jesus.

People:  We light a light in the name of Jesus, who pierced the darkness of our lives, with his love.

Leader:   We light a candle as we call on the Holy Spirit to bind us together in love.

All:         Shine on us, Lord Jesus, in the new life of your resurrection.

Response: “I Love You, Lord”…..………#627

 *Call To Worship

One:       Peace to you this day, as you come through open doors;

All:         God’s peace be with the Church.

One:       Peace to you who hide behind locked doors;

All:         God’s peace be with us.

One:       Peace to you who come with more doubt than faith;

All:         God’s peace be with the world.

One:       Peace to you who seek the path to life;

All:         we come, trusting God’s goodness and grace.

*Hymn: “Now the Green Blade Rises”…… ………………#247


One:       God of new life, as we continue to reflect on the happenings of Easter, renew our joy and trust in you; encourage our faith, so that although we do not see you, yet we are able to believe and rejoice in you.  Amen.

 We Recognize Our Brokenness

Prayer Of Confession

Leader:   Resurrection God, you have given us life in a beautiful world!  We hear the dawn chorus that promises a new day and draw comfort from the voices of loved ones.  We savour familiar foods that nourish us and enjoy the tang of new flavours.  We watch the emergence of life in a new chick or butterfly and touch the varied textures of rough tree bark or smooth pebbles.  Thank you for our experiences of life this week that have brought pleasure and joy.  Thank you for Jesus, whose resurrection we proclaim and recognize in the events of life around us.

All:         Sometimes, however, it is hard to see and believe.  There are times when we look elsewhere for life, disregarding past experiences and the heritage that is ours.  Sometimes we focus on the scars of life and cannot imagine anything different.  Sometimes the trials of life seem greater than our faith to overcome them.  Gracious God, you do not condemn us for our doubts and struggles, but speak peace to us.  Amen.   (A time for silent prayers of confession.)

Assurance Of God’s Forgiveness

One:       People of God, fearful and faithful, doubting and dutiful, the Holy Spirit of God breathes life, healing and forgiveness into us.  Receive God’s peace and wholeness.

All:         In trust and joy we receive God’s peace.  Amen.Reading Of The Scripture: I Peter 1: 3-9 (pg. 218)

Anthem:   “Redeemer”……………arr. Sorenson

The Sacrament Of Baptism For

Charlotte Mae

Born August 22, 2016, to Rodney and Alex

Godfathers: Nate and Harley


 Chance Jordan

Son of Chris, Jessica, and Andrea


Leader:   They were bringing children to Jesus that Jesus might touch them; and the disciples rebuked them.  But when Jesus saw it, Jesus was indignant, and said to them,

People:  “Let the children come to me, do not hinder them; for to such belongs the realm of God.  Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the realm of God like a child shall not enter it.”

Leader:   And Jesus took them in his arms and blessed them, laying his hands upon them.


Leader:   The sacrament of baptism is an outward and visible sign of the grace of God.  Inasmuch as the promise of the gospel is not only to us but also to our children, baptism with water and the Holy Spirit is the mark of their acceptance into the care of Christ’s church, the sign and seal of their participation in God’s forgiveness, and the beginning of their growth into full Christian faith and discipleship.

People:  This is the water of baptism.  Out of this water we rise with new life, forgiven of sin and one in Christ, members of Christ’s body.

 Questions For The Family

Pastor:   Do you desire to have Charlotte and Chance baptized into the faith and family of Jesus Christ?

Family:  We do.

Pastor:   Will you encourage Charlotte and Chance to renounce the powers of evil and to receive the freedom of new life in Christ?

Family:  We will, with the help of God.

Pastor:   Will you teach them that they may be led to profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior?

Family:  We will, with the help of God.

Pastor:   Do you promise, according to the grace given you, to grow with your children in the Christian faith, to help them to be  faithful members of the church of Jesus Christ by celebrating Christ’s presence, by furthering Christ’s mission in all the world, and by offering the nurture of the Christian church so that they may affirm their baptism?

Family:  We do, with the help of God.

*Congregational Assent (Please stand)

Leader:   Jesus Christ calls us to make disciples of all nations and to offer them the gift of grace in baptism.  Do you, who witness and celebrate this sacrament, promise your love, support, and care to the ones about to be baptized, as they live and grow in Christ?

People:  We promise our love, support, and care.  (Please be seated)

 Blessing Of The Water

Pastor:   Bless by your Holy Spirit, gracious God, this water.  By your Holy Spirit save those who confess the name of Jesus Christ that sin may have no power over them.  Create new life in the ones baptized this day that they may rise in Christ.  Glory to you, eternal God, the one who was, and is, and shall always be, world without end.  Amen.

Act Of Baptism

Prayer For The Baptized

Pastor:   We give you thanks, O Holy One, mother and father of all the faithful, for these your children and for the grace acknowledged here today in water and the Holy Spirit.  Embrace us all as sons and daughters in the one household of your love.  Grant us grace to receive, nurture, and befriend these new members of the body of Christ.

All:         Give to the newly baptized:  strength for life’s journey, courage in time of suffering, the joy of faith, the freedom of love, and the hope of new life:  through Jesus Christ, who makes us one.  Amen.

Special Music: “Down to the Water to Pray”…………………choir quartet

Reading Of The Gospel:   John 20: 19-31 (N.T., pg. 108)

 We Reflect On New Possibilities

Message For This Day

 *Hymn: “Christ Is Risen!  Shout Hosanna!”………………………..#248


Pastoral Prayer And The Lord’s Prayer

    (Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.  Thy kingdom come.  Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread.  And forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.  And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.  For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever.  Amen.)

Our Offering: Our financial offering is one way that our members participate in the mission and ministry of this church. We thank you for your financial support.  For those of you who are visiting, please feel no need to participate in the offering.  This worship service is our gift to you.


*Doxology: “Praise God, from Whom All Blessings” …………..….#606

*Prayer Of Dedication

One:       God of life, we have not seen you, yet respond in faith as we bring these offerings.  May those who receive them find hope and encouragement and the reassurance of your love.  Amen.

We Go Forth To Live Transformed Lives

*Closing Hymn: “That Easter Day with Joy Was Bright” …………….#254


One:       The God of resurrection does not abandon you; the One with wounded hands speaks peace to you; and the Spirit who brings new birth fills you with joy.

All:         We go as witnesses to all that God has done!  Amen.

 *Choral Benediction: “Go with Us, Lord”………………………#748

*Chime Meditation


*Where noted, please stand if able.      


 April’s Proverb:   When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked rule, the people groan.                        Proverbs 29: 2

 Congratulations To “Rather Be Bowling” who pulled out a win on the second tie breaker against “Snowball’s Chance.”  They made a donation of $285 to support McKenna Voss and her family during her fight against Bi-Phenotypic Acute Leukemia.  Mark your calendars…our next Trivia Nite will be Sunday, June 25.

 Totem Pole Playhouse Outing – Mark your calendars now for August 5 to attend the matinee performance of “Million Dollar Quartet,” the smash-hit musical inspired by the famed December 4, 1956, recording session that brought together rock ‘n’ roll icons Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins inside the Sun Records’ recording studio in Memphis, Tennessee for one unforgettable night. The musical features a treasure trove of the greatest rock, rockabilly, gospel, R&B and country standards of the 1950s, over 20 hits such as “Great Balls of Fire,” “I Walk the Line,” “See You Later, Alligator,” and “Blue Suede Shoes.”  Tickets will be available at a reduced rate and, if needed, transportation from Zion can be provided.  A sign-up sheet is available in the rear of the sanctuary. What better deal for a great afternoon at Caledonia and the Totem Pole!

 Attention All Knitters And Crocheters:  If anyone in our extended family of needle workers has finished a prayer shawl, please give it to one of our regularly attending members for distribution.  The shawls created so far have been colorful and warm as has the conversation at our monthly meetings!  Our April meeting on Monday, April 24, will be our last meeting for the year when we plan for the next year’s project.  Anyone interested in needlework is welcome to attend and suggestions for projects are eagerly anticipated.

It’s Here, It’s Here. . . Our “Filled Basket” Fundraiser!  Continuing through April, our beautifully filled baskets are on display at the rear of the sanctuary.  Immediately after worship on Sunday, May 7, the winners will be drawn.  This year our proceeds will go toward Capital Improvements.  So make sure you are in church in April for a chance to take one of these lovely baskets home!

Zion’s Financial Data

Income through March – $45,421.80

Expenses through March – $56,792.79

Deficit – $11,370.99

Calling All Cooks!   The Arendtsville Lions Club is sponsoring Springfest on April 29 from 11-5 at the South Mt Fairgrounds. A chili cook off is just one of the activities, and Zion is looking for a team to participate! Other activities include an antique/hot rod car show, wine tasting, music by Don’t Tell, food, vendors, and family fun. Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the gate, and $5 for kids 6-12.

The 2017 Flower Chart is posted in the vestibule.  Available dates are June 18; July 2; Aug. 13; September 3; October 29; November 12; and December 17. When Paying For Altar Flowers, please give payment to the altar guild representative for that month. A check payment is preferred. Altar flowers are from The Flower Boutique with a florist’s choice $35 arrangement cost.

 Coming Up Next Week:

Apr 23, Gettysburg Assoc. annual spring mtg, Bethel UCC, Hanover, 3:00 pm

Apr 23, Confirmation, St. Paul’s Lutheran, 6:00 pm

Apr 24, Knitting/crocheting club, Mustard seed rm, 6:30 pm

Apr 24, Consistory, Zion Hse, 7:00 pm

Apr 26, Choir practice, Sanctuary, 7:30 pm

Looking Forward:

Apr 29, South Mountain Ramblers, Pine Plantation at King’s Gap

Apr 30, Face of America Bike Ride

May 7, Volunteer recognition and new member Sunday, 9:00 am

May 7, Winners drawn for filled baskets

May 8, Ladies’ breakfast, Apple Bin, 9:00 am

May 9, Book Club, Mustard seed rm 7:00 pm