WOO-HOO! Over $2400 raised from the basket-fundraiser!

In our most successful basket fund-raiser yet, over $2400 was raised to benefit a trust fund for a local family who have twins diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy;  and the fund will be used for unreimbursed medical expenses and adaptive equipment.  We thank all who participated:  those who donated the baskets, those who bought “chances” on the baskets, and our event coordinator Gina Bushey and her two able assistants (and daughters!) Heather Bushey and Brittni Hanna.  It was a lot of fun and the drawing yesterday proved that the spirit of competition is alive and well at Zion! The winners are:







Theme of Basket: Winner

Laundry:  Meagan Weaver

Healthier You:  Tracey Snider

Rest and Relaxation:  Bob Smith

Pasta:  Chris Hanna

Picnic:  Meagan Weaver

Baby:  Meagan Weaver

Ice Cream:  Kathy Straile

Chocolate:  Dot Reinecker

Hickory Bridge Farm:  Terry Baer

Children’s:  Dave Bowersox

Bath and Body Works:  Cheryl Dragoo

Dog:  Cytha Grissom

Penn State:  Don Baer

Wine:  Jo McGlaughlin

Beach:  Tracey Snider

Hiking:  Luann Battersby

Dip:  Joyce Binkley

Grilling:  Sally Bowersox

Gardening:  Cheryl Dragoo

Cat:  Heather Bushey

Vera Bradley:  Kim Blocher