Trivia Nite Winners-October 29, 2017

Posting by Heather Bushey

So it seems that every time I leave my trivia team (“Snowball’s Chance”) to “assist” another trivia team (who is competing with fewer players), Snowball’s Chance wins! (Not sure what that says, but it can’t be good.) Anyway … Snowball’s Chance pulled out a victory at Trivia Nite on Sunday evening. After teammate, Heather, jumped ship to assist Team Trinity, Snowball’s Chance captured the win, and garnered $300 (in donations/winnings), which they elected to donate to McKenna Voss and her family. McKenna will be 8 years old on Thursday and is battling leukemia. She and her family are asking everyone to donate blood and to “Be the Match,” by joining the Bone Marrow Registry. These may seem like small, insignificant tasks; however, by participating in them, we all can truly make big differences; literally saving lives in the process! While Snowball’s Chance did beat “Heather’s” Team Trinity by a mere two points, they still allowed her the honor of taking their picture.