Trivia Nite Squeaker

Snowball’s Chance  rolled to a victory in a closely played contest last night, on Cinco de Mayo.  Check out the faux margaritas (we abided by Zion’s by-laws for no booze on the premises.  We thought about asking for an exemption).  Mike McGlaughlin, Kendra Redding, Diane Mickley, Heather Bushey, Meagan Weaver and Brittni Hanna were the champs for the evening, and played for the Brain Tumor Association…which received the $276 prize.   Well done all…especially the Battersby’s who provided the delicious Mexican feast.  This is a great ministry that has garnered well over $10,000 for charities over the years.  For that we have to thank our founding Trivia Master Gina Bushey!  She’s the best, even if she did not include questions on Mexican history for which Pastor Kim had assiduously studied!