Trivia Nite Charity Donations Anything But Trivial

On Trivia Nite, June 25, we honored our Trivia Master, Gina Bushey.  We have now topped the $10,000 mark, with respect to the amount of money that has been donated to various charities through this great fellowship event.  Gina and her team of helpers, Tony Bushey, Jo McGlaughlin, and Betty Frank run a great Trivia nite, and everyone has fun.  More importantly the winning team gets to pick the charity to receive the evening’s winnings.  This time we surprised Gina by letting her pick the charity, and everyone was in on the surprise.  Snowball’s Chance actually won that evening, in a fierce competition. But Gina selected Franklin Township Elementary “Book Castle” to receive the eye-popping $600 in winnings that night.  Book Castle is a program for children to select a book for $1.00 that they can keep for their very own.  For many children, this might be the only way they can own books, and learn to cherish them.  Congratulations to Snowball’s Chance: Betsy Beach, Diane Mickley, Mike McGlaughlin, Brittni Hanna, and Meagan Weaver.  It was a squeaker and all teams played well.