Trivia is Back!

On Sunday March 10, 2019 we were delighted to be back at Trivia Nite.  Our trivia master Gina Bushey had some fiendishly challenging questions, but Rather Be Bowling surged to first place.  The team decided to dedicate the $340 prize to Mission4Maureen, a charity that assists families of brain cancer patients.  Well played, all!  Below is a letter from Heather Bushey about the designated charity.

At trivia nite, on 03/10/2019, the winning team “Rather Be Bowling” graciously handed over the “fruits of their “trivia” labor” to “Team Trinity,” whose participants consisted of one founding member and two of her nieces; both of whom defected (for one night only) from “Snowball’s Chance.”
A $340 donation (collected from generous participants that evening) was made to “Mission4Maureen;” a nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance to struggling families who are burdened by the staggering cost of brain cancer treatment.
Mission4Maureen was borne of the loss of a 34 year-old daughter/sister/wife/friend, who was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme (a primary brain tumor/cancer) in 2003.  Maureen lost her battle with the disease in 2005, yet out of her tragic tale came a new resolve by her family and friends – to provide support and assistance for victims (and their families) of brain cancer.
Maureen had often acknowledged the support, both emotional and financial, of those close to her, by commenting that “no one can do everything, but everyone can do something.”  Mission4Maureen accepted and continues to embrace Maureen’s challenge by assisting brain cancer patients with everyday expenses, such as defraying the costs associated with rent or mortgage payments and utility bills, and by providing gift cards to grocery stores to assist with food costs and medication expenses.
As I scoured the internet for a “brain tumor charity,” I found that the overwhelming majority of them were primarily seeking donations to further the still much-needed research that is being conducted by so many dedicated institutions/individuals in the search for the correct pathway that will lead us to the cure for primary brain cancer.  And while I know the way to a cure is through research, I also know that the way I, and the generous folks who participated in trivia nite, can make the most impact, is by donating these proceeds to actual people who are already in this battle and struggling everyday to face their diagnosis ON TOP OF all of the other obstacles that daily living presents.  I wanted this monetary gift to mean “something” to “someone.”
I never imagined the kind of devastation and helplessness that a primary brain cancer diagnosis inflicts on a family, until my family became a victim on June 10, 2018.  From that day and everyday thereafter, we have felt the love and support of truly amazing people.  It was all of those “everyones doing something” that has meant “everything” to us.  And it is my hope that through this donation to Mission4Maureen that we can help lighten the load for other families learning how best to navigate their way through and to a “new normal.”
Thank you again to “Rather Be Bowling” for “switching charities” and allowing me the freedom to choose wisely on their behalf.
Heather Bushey