The Gift of Music at Zion UCC

Nicholas is showing us the latest exciting addition to our Sunday School program.  In 2012 each of the SS children will receive a CD and accompanying music book of songs kids love to sing.  Last year the kids worked on decorating the canvas bags that will hold the music set.  This is a gift made possible through memorial funds set aside for Lee Reinecker.  Lee was a devoted father, grandfather and great grandfather and he also loved music.  Currently 2 of Lee’s grandchildren and 5 of his great grandchildren are attending our Sunday School and will directly benefit from this gift!  Each week at SS our kids practice one or two songs that they sing in church at the end of the month.  Now the music can be practiced at home and maybe the whole family can learn the songs!  Currently we have nearly 30 children in our pre-K through 6th program.  We are grateful for all who labor who bring the good news of Jesus’ love to our children.