Sunday School Year begins!

Once again we hear the pitter patter of little feet at Zion!  The 2011-2012 Sunday School got off to a bang on Sept 11 with an opening reception for families and children.  The nursery class was so big we didn’t have enough seats around the little table!  We’re delighted that so many parents have entrusted us with their precious children and we take seriously Jesus’ command to “go and make disciples.”  Disciple-making is the order of the day and we do it in a variety of ways that enable all children to grasp the essential message that Jesus loves them…and so do we!  Check out the SS rooms and displays and know that all are welcome in this exciting ministry.  We have a “safe sanctuary” policy that ensures that children are both happy and safe at Zion.  (For more information about the ways in which we protect our children’s safety please see Pastor Kim.)  Thanks to Miss Jess and all who make this program a great success.