Recognition for our Brownie’s Service Project!

On August 17, 2011 our Brownie Isabelle was recognized at Homewood Homes in Hanover for her service project.  Isabelle has been collecting cancelled postage stamps, which the residents at Homewood process and sell to stamp collectors.  Chaplain Hull gave us a tour and showed us how the fascinating process works. The stamps, which have been cut off envelopes ( many of our Zion people save stamps for Isabella and bring them to her for collection), are sorted, soaked off their backing, baked at low oven heat to dry, and processed in bundles of 100 for shipping and sale.  The volunteers at Homewood work on this once a week and it looked like very exacting, but fun, work!  They were most gracious to Isabelle and our touring group.  The monies collected go to Homewood’s benevolent fund.  Keep saving your stamps for Isabelle.  Please make sure that when they are trimmed off the envelope, a border of envelope is left around the stamp.  Offer your congratulations to our Brownie for a successful community project.  Scouting is alive and well at Zion!