Reach MissionTrip July 12 through 18, 2015

We had a blast on our youth mission trip with Reach Work Camps in Vassar Michigan.  Our Zion/Cashtown UCC contingent had 8 youth and 3 adults.  We traveled there with our larger Hanover Area group for a total of 42 campers (29 youth and 13 adults).  The pictures here are of the whole group, and some of our younger campers who were assigned to a junior high crew.  That crew of 12-13 year olds painted a whole house, scraped and painted a deck, and painted a shed.  Amazing! On our way there we went to Cedar Point Amusement Park, with the world’s biggest roller coaster, and a petting zoo! On our half day off we had a picnic at Bay City State Park on Lake Huron. We can’t wait until 2016 when we go to Hurricane West Virginia!  Lives are transformed when we serve our neighbor in Christ’s name!

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