Our Bible Discovery Begins

On Wednesday October 5 we gathered to begin session one of the Kerygma study, Discovering the Bible.  This 30 session study will take us through the whole Bible, and is designed for those who know little about the Bible or those who have studied the Bible for years.  The study points out that it is not sufficient to say that “the Bible is the record of man’s search for God…It is much closer to the truth to say that the Bible is the record of God’s search for man.”  As hard as we try to escape, God tracks us down.  God sent prophets, messengers and eventually sent God’s own Son in order to bring the Word to us.   God still seeks us, which is why we search scripture today.  The Bible can never be a mere record of God’s past actions, rather it is a living word that never stops speaking to us.

Looking at various passages, we saw the unique perspective brought by various biblical authors.  For instance in Psalm 139 God searches for me, and indeed has known me from the beginning of time…even before I was formed in the womb.  Isaiah urges us to seek the Lord because other pursuits will not satisfy us in the way that a life lived in the Lord will.    Luke 11 says that when we open the door, God stands there, ready to embrace us.  There is tremendous comfort in knowing that no matter how far we stray, God will pursue us, track us down, and lead us back.

On Wednesday, October 19, we examine the structure of Holy Scripture, review the types of literature included, and gain a background in the original language of scripture.  We reflect on the question: What is the Bible?  Is it the literal word of God, an inspired word of redemption and love, or something else?