Newsletter: March/April 2019

Dear Friends:

In terms of worship, the March/April newsletter covers a lot of territory. On March 6, we host an Ash Wednesday service at Zion for our UACT partners, and of course after that we move into Lent, Holy Week, and then Easter on April 21.  In these seasons of the church year we find the most central teachings of our faith.  Forgiveness, atonement, grace, and last but not least–resurrection.  And these teachings are bound up inextricably into Holy Communion, one of the two sacraments we practice.

The gospel of Luke records Jesus eating a Passover supper with his disciples on the night before his death. Jesus wanted his friends to know the manner in which he would remain with them after his death.  Luke says that Jesus took a loaf of bread, gave thanks, broke it and gave it to them saying, “This is my body which is broken for you.  Do this in remembrance of me.”  And he did the same with the cup, after supper, saying “This cup that is poured is the new covenant in my blood.”  We use ordinary elements like bread and juice to remind us that in Christ, the ordinary becomes extraordinary.  Our savior, who knew the life that we know, shows us a foretaste of the heavenly banquet beyond this life in the sacrament of Communion.

All Christian denominations practice Communion, but with different beliefs about what is actually happening. Our Catholic friends believe that at the moment of consecration by the priest, the bread and wine actually become the body and blood of Christ (transubstantiation). This makes them much more meticulous about who may commune, how the elements are handled and disposed of, and who may officiate at Communion.  Our Lutheran friends believe that the actual body and blood of Christ are present alongside the bread and wine (in, with, and under), and ingested as such.  But the bread and wine are not actually transformed into the body and blood.

In our Reformed tradition, it matters whether we are of the Zwingli or Calvin tradition. Our friends of the Zwingli tradition, like the Congregationalists, see Communion as a memorial of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We in the German Reformed side of the house hold with the views of Calvin and take that memorial view one step further.  The bread and wine remain bread and wine, and we do not believe that we “ingest” Christ in Communion.  But although the elements keep their physical reality, the Spirit of Jesus is present and at the moment of Communion we are united with the Risen Christ…present in heaven with the Father.  We are united with all believers in this practice, and it is what Calvin referred to as being ushered into the Mystical Presence.  In many ways it makes us more like the Orthodox strand of Christianity.

The questions of how we commune–whether pew, intinction, or rail; what we use for elements, juice or wine, bread or wafer – these things are not critical to our understanding of Communion. They are what we call adiophora, or the things that are not dictated by scripture.  We are, however, commanded to unite with Christ’s Spirit and thus with the body of all believers by regularly partaking of Communion..  We truly become the Body of Christ as we share in his body, and it is the way in which Christ promised to remain with us here on earth.

Communing with us, at least once a year, is a fundamental requirement of membership at Zion. We will commune March 6th at 7pm for Ash Wednesday, March 10th on the first Sunday of Lent, at our Maundy Thursday Seder supper on April 18th, and at our Sunrise and 9 am services on Easter.  Share in God’s blessings as we share in the Lord’s Table.

See you in church,  Pastor Kim

Worship In March, April, and May 

Worship: 9:00 a.m.

Sunday School: 10:15 a.m.

Worship is the best way to praise God for all your blessings.

Sunday, March 3 Sunday, April 7 Sunday, May 5
Transfiguration Fifth Sunday of Lent Third Sunday of Easter
Astounding Glory Something New The Way Forward
Luke 9: 28-36 John 12:1-8 John 21:1-19
    Baptism – Molly Frick
Wednesday, March 6 Sunday, April 14 Sunday, May 12
Ash Wednesday—7:00 p.m. Sixth Sunday of Lent; Palm Sunday Fourth Sunday of Easter
Joint UACT Into Jerusalem Life-giving Acts
At Zion.   Communion Luke 22:14-23:56 John 10:22-30
  Easter Egg Hunt  
Sunday, March 10 Thursday, April 18 Sunday, May 19
First Sunday of Lent; Communion Maundy Thursday Fifth Sunday of Easter
Wilderness Companions Seder service and supper 6 pm Imagine
Luke 4: 1-13   John 13:31-35
Baptism – Kinsey Deardorff    
Sunday, March 17 Friday, April 19 Sunday, May 26
Second Sunday of Lent Good Friday Sixth Sunday of Easter
Strong and Tender Good Friday Service 7:30 pm Disciples Together
Luke 13: 31-35   John 14:23-29
Sunday, March 24 Sunday, April 21  
Third Sunday of Lent Easter Sunday  
Open Invitation Resurrection Joy  
Luke 13: 1-9 John 20:1-18  
  Sunrise 6:15 am – Fairview Cemetery  
  Communion both services  
Sunday, March 31 Sunday, April 28  
Fourth Sunday of Lent Second Sunday of Easter  
Embracing Love Resurrection Witness  
Luke 15: 1-3, 11b-32 John 10:19-31  

Note: The Gettysburg Association Annual Meeting is May 5 at 3 pm at Homewood in Hanover. Dinner to follow.  Let Pastor Kim know if you would like to go.

Worship CDs

We are set up to provide CDs of Sunday worship services. Just call the office, and we will mail one to you.

The 2019 Flower Calendar is posted in the vestibule. Please be sure to sign up.

Available dates for the first half of the year are

Apr. 14, 28; May 5, 19; June 2, 16, 23, 30.

March/April Event And Birthday/Anniversary Calendars Are Available On The Credenza

Ramblers We will walk on March 30 to Devil’s Den on the battlefield. Meet us at 9:30 am at the parking lot of the Gettysburg Middle School.  Enjoy an early spring look at our beautiful PA landscape.

 Book Group Meeting The Book Group will meet on Tuesday, March 12, in the Mustard Seed room at 7:00 p.m., to discuss Educated by Tara Westover.

 Synopsis of March’s selection: Tara Westover wasn’t your garden variety college student.  When the Holocaust was mentioned in a history class, she didn’t know what it was (no, really).  That’s because she didn’t see the inside of a classroom until the age of seventeen.  Public education was one of the many things her religious fanatic father was dubious of, believing it a means for the government to brainwash its gullible citizens, and her mother wasn’t diligent on the homeschooling front.  If it wasn’t for a brother who managed to extricate himself from their isolated (and often dangerous) world, Westover might still be in rural Idaho, trying to survive her survivalist upbringing. . . Educated, Westover’s memoir, is an inspiring reminder that knowledge is, indeed, power.

The April meeting will be on Tuesday, April 16 at 7:00 p.m. in the Mustard Seed room.   Razor Girl by Carl Hiaasen will be discussed.

Synopsis of April’s selection: Merry Mansfield, the eponymous Razor Girl, specializes in kidnapping for the mob. Her preferred method is rear-ending her targets and asking them for a ride.  Her latest mark is Martin Trebeaux, owner of a private beach renourishment company who has delivered substandard sand to a mob hotel.  But there’s just one problem:  Razor Girl hits the wrong guy.  Instead, she ends up with Lane Coolman, talent manager for Buck Nance, the star of a reality TV show about a family of Cajun rooster farmers.  Buck Nance, left to perform standup at a Key West bar without his handler, makes enough off-color jokes to incite a brawl, then flees for his life and vanishes.  Now a routine promotional appearance has become a missing person’s case.  And Andrew Yancy, disgraced detective-turned-health inspector, is on the job.  That the Razor Girl may be the key to Yancy’s future will be as surprising to him as anything else he encounters along the way – including the giant Gambian pouched rats that are haunting his restaurant inspections.

UACT (Upper Adams Christians Together)

Our joint confirmation class will soon be preparing for their Confirmation service on June 2 at 3 pm at St. Paul’s in Biglerville. The confirmands write the liturgy, preach the message, and organize the music.  Our 2nd year confirmands will join the Body of Christ on that day.  From Zion, that will include Chance Davis.  Also, the confirmands stage the packing for John’s Meals once a month.  UACT has published an annual report for 2018 that is available on the credenza in the back of church.  You will be amazed at the ministry of this young organization, of which Zion is a charter member.  We thank Zion members Kathy (treasurer) and Valerie for serving on the Finance committee.

Adult Christian growth  Opportunities For The Winter

Our adult Sunday School class meets after worship in Fellowship Hall. We are using Eugene Peterson’s “Living the Message” as our guide.  This devotional serves as a basis for lively discussion about our faith.  Join us!

During Lent, we will gather each Wednesday at Flohr’s Lutheran in McKnightstown at 5:45 pm for a supper and study. We are learning about a new type of spiritual formation called “BELLS”.  This is an acronym for Bless, Eat, Learn, Listen, Sent, and it is a way we can be more “missional” in the world and be better at proclaiming the good news.  The BELLS program will serve as the liturgy basis at our Ash Wednesday service.

 Matthew 25 Update

Our Matthew 25 fund is set up to provide assistance to families in need, whether members or non-members. It is not designated for general mission or relief work. As of February 28, the balance in the Matthew 25 account is $3,332.10.  

John’s Meals

John’s Meals is busy weekly delivering approximately 150-160 bags of weekend meals for students and their families in food insecure homes in the Upper Adams School District elementary schools.  Volunteers are always needed to help with staging teams, packing/delivery teams, food item pick-up, and volunteers for the John’s Meals Board.  Mac-n-cheese is served biweekly in the food bags, therefore all of Zion’s donations help to keep costs down.  John’s Meals greatly appreciates the donations of mac-n-cheese individual packs/cups from Zion UCC members. The “Souper Bowl” at Zion collected 272 cans of soup which are also served as a biweekly item, and this appreciated support helps with purchase costs.   Monetary donations are always appreciated.  Checks may be made payable to UACT-John’s Meals (not Zion), and either mailed to UACT, PO Box 593, Arendtsville, PA 17303, or placed in the collection plate on Sundays.  Please contact Angie to volunteer or with any questions.  Thank you for your continued support.

To Meet the Budget 2019
Annual Budget = $193,679.00

Weekly Offering Needed = $3,720.27

Offering Needed Offering Received Needed to Date Received to Date
January $14,881.08 $14,682.12 $14,881.08 $14,682.12
February $14,881.08 $13,743.14 $29,762.16 $28,425.26


Macaroni And Cheese To Benefit John’s Meals

We are collecting single serve, microwaveable cups of  macaroni and cheese to benefit John’s Meals.  The cups need not be a brand name (like Kraft); store brand is fine.  We are aiming to provide 200 cups each month and they may be placed in the cupboard in the rear of the church (just like before).  The 18-pkg boxes of single-serve Mac and Cheese is also a good donation. It is cheaper and easier to store (boxes).  Any questions, please see Dawn.  As always, thank you so much for your faithful support of this ministry.

Zion’s “Souper Bowl”:  Zion was able to donate 272 cans of soup to John’s Meals as a result of our “Souper Bowl”.  Thanks to all our generous participants

Community Aid Donation Bin

Please consider donating items to the Community Aid donation bin located in the Zion parking lot near Zion House.  Funds received quarterly based upon the weight of items deposited are used toward the Mission Budget.  Acceptable items include clothing, shoes, purses, belts, linens, curtains and draperies.  Please place your donations in plastic bags before dropping them into the bin.

 Ladies’ Breakfast Group

The ladies will meet March 11th at 9:00 a.m. at The Apple Bin.  Please bring one of your very favorite recipes.  It can be main dish, vegetable, dessert, etc. either typed or handwritten on a card or paper.  In April, we will gather on April 8th at 9:00.  Come join us for fun and fellowship and bring a friend.

 Zion’s Needleworkers

If you have made a resolution for the new year to find an outlet for your creativity, please consider joining Zion’s needleworkers! The various needles and patterns can encompass knitting, crocheting, crewel, rug hooks, and sewing machine.  We meet on the last Wednesday of the month and share patterns, fellowship, and our latest creations with the group.  Whether beginner or expert, all are welcome..  We are always looking for new projects, so come share your skills and talents with us.  Meeting details are in the bulletin.

What’s Cookin’

Hey Kids!  It’s time for What’s Cookin’ 2018-2019!  Preschoolers through 6th Graders are invited to join us at Trinity Lutheran Church (38 North High Street, Arendtsville) for our monthly What’s Cookin’ program!  On the third Wednesday of each month from 6:00-7:30pm, we will gather for a light meal together, then we will break into three age groups and have a lesson/activity!

The curriculum for 2018-2019 takes us through Dinnertime Stories of Jesus!

Each month, children will delve into a new parable, learning what it means and how we can relate to it in our world today.

Mark your calendars now, so you dont miss out on the fun!

March 20 – The Parable of the Good Samaratin

April 17 – The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector

May 15 – The Parable of the Lost Sheep, Lost Coin, and Lost Son

 Contact Ellie if you would like to volunteer to help, teach,

or if your family/organization/committee would like to provide the meal

for one of our monthly gatherings.

Teacher volunteers need to have volunteer clearances completed.

All local kids are WELCOME! Bring a friend!!   

Thanks From Our Community. . .

Thank you for your $1,000 check to Survivors, Inc. It is support such as yours that empowers Survivors, Inc. to meet the needs of those whose lives have been challenged and forever changed by domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking.                                                       ~Terri Hamrick, President/CEO of Survivors, Inc.

On behalf of the wounded and injured military service members and disabled veterans who are involved in Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing activities, we thank you for your generous $250 contribution received on 12/27/2018. Your gift is an inspiration to us all and helps us give back to individuals who have given so much.  ~Robert Fitch, Board Chairman, Healing Waters

Thank you for your generous contribution of $1,113 to our program.  The gifts C.A.R.E.S. receives from church groups, financial institutions, individuals, businesses and organizations are crucial to our providing shelter services during the winter months.  We have given shelter to over 485 people since we opened in 2012.  Thank you again for your gift.                  ~Mary Stevenson, Chair, Gettysburg C.A.R.E.S. Board of Directors

Thank you for the many holiday cards received at Christmas. Our residents at Plum Creek sincerely appreciated your thoughtfulness.  We wish you a safe, healthy, and prosperous 2019.    Residents of Homewood at Plum Creek

On behalf of our kids, their families, and our dedicated team of caregivers, I thank you so much for your kind donation of $422.30. Because of your kindness, our kids can benefit from art therapy, learn coping skills, and understand that support is there for them.  Your kindness changes lives.  Thank you  ~.  Alicia M. Stanley, Hoffman Homes For Youth

Hoss’s Community Night

Our next Hoss’s Community Night Fundraiser is scheduled for Monday, March 18, 2019.  Please present the flyer below on that date.

Dear Friend of Zion UCC:

We are excited to team up with Hoss’s Steak and Sea House to raise money for a very worthy cause. Please consider visiting the Hoss’s location(s) listed below on Monday, March 18, to aid us in raising money to benefit Zion UCC.

Present this flyer on Monday, March 18, 2019

at Hoss’s in Gettysburg. Hoss’s will then donate 20%* or 25%** of your total check paid to Zion UCC.

*To qualify for the 20% payout, our group must have a minimum of $300.00 in total pre-tax food and beverage sales.

**To qualify for the 25% payout, our group must have a minimum of $1,200.00 in total pre-tax food and beverage sales.

This applies to a one-day, single location, pre-scheduled event. The purchase of gift cards is not included as part of your organization’s community fundraising totals.


Thank you for your cooperation!

Group # 114125