Minutes: April 15, 2019

In Attendance: Kim, Kevin, Debra, Wayne, Minda, Donna, Box, Laurie, Barb

Opening Devotions/Prayer:   Rev. Kim

Office Manager’s Report

A motion was made by Donna to accept the March 18, 2019, minutes; Debra seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Consistory Secretary’s Report – No report

March’s Attendance

2018 2019
Date Worship Attendance Sunday School Attendance Date Worship Attendance Sunday School Attendance
Mar. 4 93 30 Mar. 3 100 44
Mar. 11 84 40 Mar. 6 Ash Wednesday 75  
Mar. 18 84 45 Mar. 10 107 49
Mar. 25 146 48 Mar. 17 76 48
Mar. 29 Maundy Thurs. 24   Mar. 24 95 42
Mar. 30 Good Friday 60   Mar. 31 87 39

Treasurer’s Report

General Checking balance as of March 31, 2019                                  $60,999.77

General Fund balance                                                              $37,053.78

Income for March                                                                    $17,180.04

Expenses for March                                                                 $14,769.60

Surplus for the month                                                              $2,410.44

The Year-to-Date deficit is $6,203.09. There was a question concerning a disbursement from the Fellowship Hall account.  This disbursement was to pay for the quilt and rod that will be hung in Fellowship Hall.  Also, blinds for Fellowship Hall have been ordered, and payment will be forthcoming.

A motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report was made by Donna and seconded by Kevin. The motion passed.

The Treasurer pointed out that, with the Edward Jones calculation which is done one time a year in March, the amount was $2,445.46. Since it is not in excess of the percentage needed to move the money to the Mission account, it will need to stay in the Edward Jones account.  There were no questions concerning the Lord Abbott Fund report.

In other financial business, there is a CD with Members 1st that will renew on April 30, 2019.  The Treasurer gave three renewal options, and Kevin made a motion to renew for 15 months at 2.46%.  Bob seconded the motion.  The motion passed, and the Treasurer will process the renewal.

It was noted that two money counters have resigned. There is an advertisement in the bulletin, and Donna will make an appeal to the congregation, for volunteers to help with this.  The commitment is for three months during the year with four teams rotating.  April and May are covered.

Laurie noted that she feels very confident of Barb’s abilities as Treasurer. Laurie will continue to be available as a resource.  Barb will not be able to attend the May Consistory meeting but will send out the reports as usual.

Pastor’s Activity

(See Pastoral Report: Rev. Dr. Kim, March 2019, submitted on April 15, 2019)

It was noted that the funeral in the Pastoral Activity report was for Paul.

Ministry Reports

(See Ministry Reports, April 15, 2019.)

The Audio Visual Committee continues to meet with A/V Solutions.

The Worship Committee requests that bulletin inserts for flower sponsorships for Christmas and Easter be reactivated even if responses are meager. Pastor Kim is searching for someone in addition to Heather to be responsible for uploading pictures to the church’s Facebook account after Sunday worship during the summer.  She is also seeking a chairperson for the Worship Committee.

Bob reports that trash from the car wash and store sometimes blows against the fence behind Fellowship Hall, and he will pick it up and put it in the church’s trash and recycle bins. Also the Property Committee has hired Brian to do the mowing around the church and Zion House.  Brian will be paid $50.00 for each mowing session and will drop off his invoice at Zion House after mowing.  Bob is getting two different estimates to repair the front steps of the church.  The first is from Ron who has done repair work for the Arendtsville Borough.  The second is from John who has done work for the Arendtsville Fire Company.  Repair will involve filling in voids, using rebar, and firming up the left side of the railing.  Bob is also investigating whether a skim coat of concrete would be effective at the side door of the church.  The Consistory would like a better understanding of exactly how the rebar will be used and what height alterations might result on the front steps before the work is done.

Pastor Kim also asked that the Property Committee hang the quilt bought for Fellowship Hall. She would like to be present when it is hung.  Kevin volunteered to do this, possibly before choir practice this week.

The Fellowship Committee is applying for an organizational purchasing card from Weis Market. Cindy will fill out the form and obtain Barb’s signature.   Ladies who are on the Kennies’ accounts will be able to sign out the Weis card as needed from the church office.

Donna made a motion to approve the Ministry Reports, and Debra seconded it. The motion passed.


Chicken BBQ. Wayne has received 104 orders for chicken at present. April 21st is the last day for orders.

Account changes – All name changes on accounts have been done.

Committee Minutes from A/V, Mission, Personnel, and Worship were reviewed.


Money Counter – A motion was made by Donna to approve Debra as a money counter. It was seconded by Kevin.  The motion passed.

Fellowship Hall Request – There was a request by a Suzi W. to use Fellowship Hall and the church for a memorial for her father, Bob, on June 15th.  The family plans to hold the memorial at home so use of Zion facilities would be in the event of inclement weather.  There would need to be someone from the church to unlock doors, turn on lights, and see that the projector and screen are set up.  Kevin volunteered to be Zion’s ambassador and will contact Suzi directly about any needs.  A motion to approve the facility request was made by Debra and seconded by Donna.  The motion passed.

Carbonite backup for Treasurer’s laptop – Barb has requested approval for using Carbonite to back up her laptop to the cloud. Carbonite is already used for the office computer.  The laptop would require a separate subscription at the cost of $72.00 a year.  A motion was made to approve the purchase by Minda and seconded by Donna.  The motion passed.  It was also noted that Barb would add Norton antivirus to her laptop under the church’s account which allows three devices.

New Employee Application form – Attorney Matt B. updated Zion’s employee application to include all pertinent information, and the Personnel Committee submitted it for Consistory’s approval. Applications are kept in a file cabinet in the office at Zion House.  A motion to approve the application was made by Kevin and seconded by Bob.  The motion passed.

Pastor Kim’s Exit Interview – The Gettysburg Assocation of the PCC will have a representative come to Zion House to conduct the required exit interview on April 23rd.  They would like to have approximately six members of the church attend and participate in the interview.  The Association will then send a completed interview report to Zion.  It was noted that some of the interview answers could be helpful to the Profile Committee.  Donna, Debra, and Kevin volunteered to participate, and the Consistory suggested other members whom Pastor Kim will contact.

Pastoral Transition. The Interim Profile is complete and has been uploaded by Laura D. at Penn Central Conference to the national website.  Any responses will be sent by Laura to Wayne for Consistory’s consideration.  The aim is to have an interim pastor in place by the end of August.

A Profile Committee has been formed to work on the in-depth church profile as we prepare to search for a settled pastor. Members include:  Chris P., Jo M., Valerie B., Dylan E., and Wayne B. as chairperson.  It was suggested that Supply Pastor Rev.George H. be consulted at various progress points if any movement is made before the Interim Pastor has arrived.

Rev. Ed G. will be Supply Pastor for June, and Rev. H. will cover July and August.   While not all compensation details are defined yet, the pastors will receive $150.00 per Sunday service and $25.00 an hour plus mileage for visitations.  Wayne and Donna will meet with Rev. H. to discuss details, guidelines, and compensation caps.

Informational – Pastor Kim and congregational representatives will attend the Gettysburg Association meeting of the PCC at Homewood in May. The annual Penn Central Conference meeting is in June, and our budget will support two attendees.  Anyone interested should contact a Consistory member.

The Consistory has arranged for 8 Communion Servers for Easter Sunday. Cindy will update the cards showing the servers how to line up.  She will place the cards in the last pew along with the bulletins.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m. with a motion to adjourn made by Donna . and seconded by Kevin .. The next consistory meeting will be on May 20, 2019.