Consistory: Minutes May 17, 2021

Consistory Meeting, May 17, 2021

Meeting Opened:  at 7:04 p.m.

In Attendance:  Rev. Heather Kurtz, Minda H., Betsy B., Roger B., Jay J., Debra S., Craig L.  Joining for reports and updates was Kathy J., Treasurer.

Opening Devotions:   Betsy B.

Office Manager’s Report

A motion was made by Jay J. to approve the minutes of the April 19th meeting and was seconded by Roger B.  The minutes were approved.

Consistory Secretary’s Report

Nothing new to report.

Treasurer’s Report

General Checking balance as of April 30, 2021                      $147,804.48

General Fund balance                                                              $97,193.31

Income for April                                                                       $17,579.56

Expenses for April                                                                    $13,808.06

Monthly surplus                                                                         $3,474.40

The Edward Jones account and Lord Abbet account saw gains.  The Matthew 25 Fund saw income of $100.00 with an ending balance of $5,831.75.  ACNB has submitted Zion’s application for forgiveness of the PPP loan of $27,400.00.  We should hear shortly about that.  It was noted that Rev. Heberling will be paid for May as agreed upon by Consistory earlier in the year.  It was decided that Rev. Heather will be paid twice a month, and she is filing documents for her pension and health coverage.

A motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report was made by Craig L. and seconded by Betsy B.  The motion passed.

Minister’s Activity

(See Consistory Report:  Rev. Heather Kurtz, May 2021, submitted on May 17, 2021.)

Rev. Heather is getting to know members in the life of the church.  She has begun spiritual care visits, attended different group events, met with the Covid 19 Task Force, met with Christian Ed Coordinator Chris B. and will meet with the Christian Ed Committee in the near future.  She has begun working with Heather B. to improve Zion’s Facebook presence and is developing a Bitmoji classroom to introduce herself to Sunday School students.  New apps and online programs being considered are Canva (a free tool for nonprofits to be used for publishing, creating newsletters, and art for Facebook; GuideStar, a listing of nonprofits and charities that will allow Zion to join Amazon Smile and be eligible for donations; and Chimpmail for e-letters, etc.  Rev. Heather recommended Zion acquire a PayPal account as another e-giving option.  She also would like to have Zion’s website revised in the near future as Facebook viewers flip to it for more information about Zion.  The Safe Church policy needs to be updated.  Christian Ed. Coordinator Chris B. needs to complete reporting training.  Thinking ahead to Christmas, Rev. Heather plans to hold two Christmas Eve services, a half-hour service at 4:00 p.m. and a slightly longer service at 7:30 p.m. involving the choir and possible cantata.  She plans to meet with the Worship Committee to discuss these services and the role of the committee.  Recognizing that her commuting schedule may not allow her personal response to emergency situations with members, Rev. Heather will reach out to local ministers for coverage; Rev. Tom Lush was suggested as a possibility.

Ministry Reports 

(See Ministry Reports, May 17, 2021.)

Personnel plans to meet in June.  Vacation Bible School has been cancelled, but Zion is developing a bag of activities to send home to its students.  Membership requested Rev. Heather’s thoughts on the Amblebrook brochure.  The UACT board meeting is coming up, and Rev. Heather will attend.  Gina B. and Minda H. are voting reps from Zion.  Rev. Heather would like Committee chairs to let her know if her presence at committee meetings is needed.  Finance submitted a form showing the capital projects for this year and the funding sources.  This info will be shared with members via the bulletin.  Property reported on the re-wiring of the large sanctuary chandeliers.  Roger B. will oversee the removal of the lights and transport them to the Light House in Hanover for wiring (estimate is $50 per light).  He will bring them back, and Ketterman Electric will reinstall with safety updates (estimate for work is $2,088.  It was also verified that the Sunday School Roof invoice was paid.

A motion to accept both the Ministry Reports and Minister’s Activity Report was made by Roger B. and seconded by Craig L.  The motion passed.


PCC Annual meeting:   An invitation for volunteer to attend the meeting in June from the comfort of their own computer will be put in the bulletin.


Resignation of Choir director: the Personnel Committee will begin searching for a new Choir Director and organist.  Advertising in the bulletin, Organist Guild publication, on Indeed, and other websites will be considered as well as directly contacting area colleges such as LVC, Messiah, and Susquehanna.

Schwab Form: Signatures were obtained, and Cindy will send application.  Thanks to Betsy and Dan for using this kind of e-giving.

Incorporation of Zion:  Attorney Matt Battersby will be contacted to begin the process of incorporating the church in an LLC.

Informational:  Rev. Dr. Marisa Laviola, Ph.D., will be guest minister on Pentecost.  Debra will meet her upon arrival and introduce her to congregation.  Deb will handle the announcements (which Heather will give her).  After hearing recommendations from the Covid Task Force, it was decided that fully vaccinated adults did not need to wear masks at church services.  Unvaccinated people are requested to please do so to protect themselves and others.  Contact tracing will continue.  No action yet on hymnals or returning to former type of bulletins.  Cindy will send an email blast to this effect.


A motion to adjourn was made by Minda H. at 8:43 p.m. and seconded by Jay J.  The next regular consistory meeting will be on June 21, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall.