Consistory: Minutes February 15, 2021

Zion UCC Consistory Minutes February 15, 2021 

Meeting Opened:  at 7:01 p.m.

In Attendance:  Rev. George Heberling, Minda H., Betsy B., Roger B., Tom D., Jay J., Debra S.  Joining for reports and updates was Kathy J., Treasurer.

Opening Devotions:   Jay J.

Office Manager’s Report

A motion was made by Jay J. to approve the minutes of the January 18th, January 27th, February 1st, and February 8th meetings and was seconded by Craig L.  The Minutes were approved.

Consistory Secretary’s Report

Nothing new to report.

January’s Attendance

2020 2021
Date Worship Attendance Sunday School Attendance Date Worship Attendance Sunday School Attendance
Jan. 5 86 46 Jan. 3 94 views LS 0
Jan. 12 81 43 Jan. 10 138 vs LS 9
Jan. 19 57 27 Jan. 17 87 vs LS cancelled
Jan. 26 84 50 Jan. 24 96 vs LS 11 +2
      Jan. 31 85 vs LS 9


Treasurer’s Report

General Checking balance as of January 31, 2021                 $144,584.72

General Fund balance                                                               $96,046.28

Income for January                                                                   $12,939.65

Expenses for January                                                                $17,561.08

Deficit for the month                                                                 -$4,621.43


The Treasurer noted that insurance premiums are due in January which makes the monthly expenses higher than normal.  The Edward Jones account showed a loss  while the Lord Abbett fund showed a gain for the mo nth.  The Matthew 25 fund had income of $150.00 and now has a balance of $5,974.23.  A CD at ACNB was renewed for 13 months.  Interest rates are low right now.  Zion has still not received the appropriate form to file for forgiveness of the initial PPP loan, but the Treasurer anticipates no problem.  Based on a Question & Answer sheet concerning the second round of PPP loans, Zion does not qualify because gross receipts did not go down by 25% in 2020 when compared with 2019.  Pastor George will contact family members of people for whom memorial funds were received to determine to what use the funds should be put.   The Paul S. memorial will be moved to Capital Improvements as specifically designated.  Memorial fund records are kept by Joyce B. and by the Treasurer.

A motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report was made by Minda H. and seconded by Roger B.  The motion passed.


Pastor’s Activity

(See Pastor’s Report:  Rev. George Heberling, January 15, 2021 to February 10, 2021, submitted on February 15, 2021.)

Pastor George has listed the scheduled services for Easter and beyond.  The wedding in June has been postponed.  He has given Cindy a few items of interest for the new pastor including possible Confirmation candidates and the Amblebrook brochure which was targeted specifically to the 55+ age group.  It was noted that Teresa D. K. has volunteered, as a medical professional, to do respite care for church members who are caregivers themselves, and this possible ministry will be taken up with the new pastor.


Ministry Reports 

(See Ministry Reports, February 15, 2021.)

Requests for assistance from the Matthew 25 fund must come from a local organization and will be evaluated by Tom D. and Betsy B. as chairs of the Committee until the new Pastor can assume that task.  In Christian Education, Christian Ed Coordinator Chris B. is gearing up for Vacation Bible School, and Minda H. will put her in contact with Josie P..  The possibility of a “selfie Sunday” or taking pictures of church members at outside worship was raised as a means of updating the on-line directory by the Membership Committee.

A motion to accept both the Pastor’s Report and the Ministry Reports was made by Jay J. and seconded by Betsy B.  The motion passed.



Employee Contracts 2021:  The Personnel Committee will meet in the next few weeks to do 2020 job evaluations.  Cindy will send the 2021 contracts by email for signature and scanning back to her.  Then appropriate Consistory members will sign them.  The goal is for future evaluations to be done in November with contracts signed in December for the following year.  A motion to approve the contracts and job descriptions in final form was made by Betsy B. and seconded by Minda H.  The motion passed.

Delegates to UACT:  The next UACT meeting is Tuesday night, Feb. 23rd.  Minda will attend as a delegate and will contact Chris P., Juli H., and Gina B. to see if one will serve as the second delegate from Zion.



Delegates to Gettysburg Association meeting:    Debra S. and Minda H. will attend the meeting on April 18, 2021 via Zoom.  Cindy will send them any information she receives about the meeting.

Pesonnel:  Roger B., Property Chair, will call Ken S. to review the sexton duties and also the need for cleaning the church and pastor’s office before February 26th.  It will be determined if six hours a week is still a good basis for the necessary tasks.

Zoom Account for Zion:  It was decided to purchase a Zoom account for Zion at approximately $16.00 a month.  Jay J. made a motion to purchase the account and Betsy B. seconded.  The motion passed.  Jay will look into it and give the user name and password to all Consistory members.  A schedule will be kept by Cindy so committee meetings do not overlap.

Live stream from the parking lot:   A list of the needed equipment was reviewed, and a motion was made by Jay J. to proceed with the purchase of equipment and canopies.  The motion was seconded by Minda H., and the motion passed.  Jay will contact Dan W. about the purchase of equipment.  Roger B. will purchase the two canopies.  Pastor George will contact Ann H. about possibly using the memorial funds in honor Geri B. to pay for the equipment.



The quotes from C. E. Williams and H & H Construction for the church parking lot project were reviewed.  It was decided to contact C. E. Williams and get on their schedule.  Bob V. will call ACNB to get a firm commitment of funds and coordinate traffic flow with the bank during the project.  It was suggested that a bank representative, a rep from C. E. Williams, and Bob and Roger meet together to decide these details before the next Consistory meeting.  Zion will probably need to get a state permit since the parking lot touches a state road.  Some trees may be removed before the project commences.

The quote from LR4 Roofing was reviewed and approved for the Sunday School roof project.  Roger will call them to hopefully schedule before the end of May.

The following Consistory members will be head usher for the specified months:  March – Minda, April – Craig, May – Betsy, June – Tom, July – Craig, August – Roger, September – Debra, October – Debra, November – Minda, December – Jay

As outdoor worship begins again on March 21, Jay will assign money counters for the services.



A motion was made by Roger B. to adjourn and seconded by Minda H.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:41 p.m.  The next regular consistory meeting will be via Zoom on March 15, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.