Consistory: Minutes December 21, 2020


 Zion UCC Consistory Meeting December 21, 2020

Attending:  Rev. George Heberling, Minda H., Craig L., Bob V., Wayne B., Tom D., Jay J., Debra S., Roger B., Betsy B., Wes M., Jane M.

Meeting opened at 7:00 p.m.

Opening Devotions:   Jay J.


Office Manager’s Report

A motion was made by Jay J. to approve the minutes of the November 16, 2020 meeting and was seconded by Debra S.  The Minutes were approved.

Introduction of Jane M.

Pastor George introduced Jane M. from the Gettysburg Association Committee on Ministry.  Jane is the liaison between that Committee and Zion.  Should Zion need something from the Committee, she is the door through which we would go.  It was noted that the liaison no longer conducts the election of a new called pastor but may witness the election when Zion votes.

Consistory Secretary’s Report

A thank you gift card was given to Dana B., and the annual meeting’s minutes were submitted to the Consistory.

November’s Attendance

2019 2020
Date Worship Attendance Sunday School Attendance Date Worship Attendance Sunday School Attendance
Nov. 3 84 69 Nov. 1 72 in per/20 ls 16
Nov. 10 72 45 Nov. 8 62 in per/19 ls 10
Nov. 17 73 51 Nov. 15 49 in per/22 ls 10
Nov. 24 77 34 Nov. 22 In per/54 ls
      Nov. 29 live stream only 91 vs ls  


 Treasurer’s Report

General Checking balance as of November 30, 2020            $95,852.51

General Fund balance                                                             $52,345.43

Income for November                                                             $15,248.53

Expenses for November                                                         $10,541.31

Surplus for the month                                                               $4,707.22


The year-to-date monthly surplus/deficit figure stands at a surplus of $5,459.00.  Offerings in November totaled $15,293.00.  The projected offerings are down for the year by $17,739.00, but that is not unusual for November – many members contribute in December.  The Matthew 25 fund balance stands at $5,699.00.  The FAIRS grant check of $12,232.00 has arrived.  There is still no information on the PPP loan forgiveness or reporting instructions from ACNB.  A new federal stimulus bill was passed yesterday, but details are unclear if anything will affect Zion.  The PPP money will move to the general fund before year’s end.  In the Consolidated Fund Account Report, the $3,476.00 listed for Fellowship Hall will be moved to the capital improvement fund per Consistory.  It was noted that nice donations were received this month including one from Debra S. in honor of her late husband, Paul S.  Adult Sunday School has its own checking account in which there has been no action for some time.  A monthly dormant fee of $10 will soon be charged, so Consistory has decided to move that money into general checking and close the account.  Jay will contact Peggy Sue who handles that account.

A motion was made to approve the Treasurer’s Report by Tom D. and seconded by Craig L.  The motion passed.

Pastor’s Activity

(See Pastor’s Report:  Rev. George Heberling, November 12 to December 17, 2020, submitted on December 21, 2020.)

Pastor George sent Consistory members documentation concerning the church organist.  It was determined that the church is not renewing her contract in 2021, and a registered letter was sent to that effect.  Her December salary will not be paid until her church key is returned.  Sharon C. and Diane M. will cover organist responsibilities, and it was determined that $130.00 per service with no deductions taken was the going rate.  An invitation may also be extended to a young man living in Camp Hill who is a church organist (the son of a co-worker of Craig L.) to see if he might be interested in filling in some Sundays.  A motion to approve $130.00 per service beginning in January was made by Craig L. and seconded by Bob V.  The motion passed.

Due to predicted bad weather, the parking lot Christmas Eve service at 3:00 p.m. is cancelled; Cindy will put a message on the answering machine and send an email blast with that information.  It is likely that Zion will move back to outdoor services on the parking lot at the end of March.  However, we have many viewers of our live stream from out of state and may continue that by pre-recording a live stream service each week.

Ministry Reports 

(See Ministry Reports, December 21, 2020.)

There was a question as to whether Sunday School attendance was being recorded since it is virtual.  Christian Ed Director Chris B. is sending that information to Cindy so it can be entered in the appropriate places.  Also, the number of views of the live stream is being entered as general attendance.

A motion was made to approve both the Pastor’s Report and the Ministry Reports by Debra S. and seconded by Minda H.  The motion passed.



Employee Contracts 2021 update:  Personnel Committee members Craig L. and Tom D. have reviewed the various employees’ contracts and job descriptions.  It was found that certain changes may be necessary for job descriptions.  Only one position mentioned a direct supervisor.  It was recommended that all job descriptions list the Chairperson of the Personnel Committee as ultimate supervisor with some modifications for various positions.

The Christian Education Director will collaborate with the pastor to develop the Sunday School program and will report first to the Christian Education Committee Chairperson and then to the chair of Personnel.  The job description for the Christian Ed Director is tied directly to the current curriculum and should be adjusted to apply to any curriculum.

The Organist and Choir Director job descriptions were linked and tied to two certain individuals.  The descriptions should probably not be linked so closely, and specific tasks and responsibilities should be outlined.  One task currently listed is the choice of hymns, but in practice they are chosen by the pastor.  A new called pastor may or may not wish to continue that practice, and the language should be revised to show that.  It should also be stated that the organist and choir director should attend the Worship Committee meetings.  And the organist and choir director are now required to choose music compliant with reporting in One License and/or CCLI and submit that information to the Office Manager two weeks ahead of time.

The Treasurer’s job description was recently revised and just needs to have the access to the ACNB lock box removed.  The Sexton’s job description is indoor in nature and lists many tasks but should be revised to include the necessary cleaning under pandemic regulations as well as additional tasks such as large house-cleaning procedures that could be done when there is no in-person worship.

The Office Manager description should be condensed and edited and list the requirement to report the organ and choral music in One License and CCLI.  Cindy will work to do this and submit the edited description to the Personnel Committee.  It was questioned if there is a back-up plan if the Office Manager temporarily cannot fulfill her duties for any reason.  If such a situation arises, she will make sure her laptop and instructions are given to Kim J.

As a general change, it should be listed that during a pandemic if employees are not working, the Consistory can, at their discretion, stop payment of wages.



 Trust designation:    Zion has been notified that it is an eventual beneficiary under a member’s trust.  The Secretary will send a thank you note for this generous thought.

Configuration and training notes for new A/V system and laptop:  Dan W. has developed a multi-page training document.  There is an electronic copy on the Office Manager’s laptop as well as a hard copy in a folder in the filing drawers at Zion House.  Cindy will make an extra copy and put it in the A/V cabinet in church.  Zion should actively seek younger people to train so there is always someone available for services.

Proxy Ballot Count:  Due to the Covid-19 virus, it was decided that all members would vote by proxy ballot which had to be returned by December 20th.  85 ballots were returned and counted.  These are the results for the four questions on which members voted:

83 members approved the minutes of the 2019 Annual Meeting; no one disapproved.

83 members approved Roger B. and Betsy B. as new Consistory members; none disapproved.

81 members approved the request by Consistory to be allowed to borrow up to $50,000.00 if needed without approval from the congregation.  4 voted against this.

81 members approved the 2021 proposed budget; 4 voted against it.

This information will be published in the bulletin and the newsletter.

January/February newsletter:  It was decided to mail the newsletter at least three more times before switching to sending it by email and having some hard copies available for pickup.


It was noted that Consistory members must have all information for the 2020 annual report submitted by January 15th to Cindy.

Outgoing Consistory President proposed that the Consistory take up the question of incorporation during 2021, especially in light of Covid.  The newest Covid legislation may clarify some liability questions.

Consistory reorganization and officer election will take place at the January 18, 2021 Consistory meeting.  Minda will lead devotions for that meeting.  Pastor George extended a heartfelt thank you to Wayne B. and Bob V. as they leave Consistory and welcomed Betsy B. and Roger B.  Betsy will co-chair the Mission Committee with Tom Deloe and Wayne will be available as a resource.  Roger will chair the Property Committee.  All other chairs will probably remain the same.




A motion was made by Minda H. to adjourn and seconded by Jay J.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:01 p.m.  The next regular consistory meeting will be via Zoom on January 18, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.