Confirmation Trip to Philly 2012

We had a great time in Philly, hosted by Old First Reformed UCC.  Our three confirmands served breakfast and dinner at the shelter, as well as assisted with the food and clothing pantry.  We were joined Saturday morning by a group of adorable cub scouts from the Philly area who were also there to help.  As always, we are amazed by the needs of the homeless and the way in which so many people pitch in to help.  We met three incredible ladies from St. Luke’s UCC who come every third Saturday to serve a hot breakfast to 80 hungry people at the church.  It is quite a morning with the food and clothing pantry for low income and homeless, as well as serving a hot breakfast to all who come for assistance.  This year we did something new, as well.  Old First has a living creche for the two weeks before Christmas, with a cow, donkey, 2 sheep and 2 goats.  We had the privilege of taking a shift to care for the animals.  The confirmands pitched in, literally, with a pitchfork, as they mucked out the stable!   The Spirit is present and working through each and every one of us who have been touched by this outreach.  Keep the homeless in your prayers this winter.