A Work Day at Camp Michaux

David and Ann Smith led our volunteers in site clearing for the on-going effort to restore the remains of the former CCC camp, POW camp, and UCC/Presbyterian church camp. Camp Michaux is located near Pine Grove Furnace and in its three lives has contributed greatly to our local culture and history.  A ten year effort has culminated in clearing of the building foundations and major features of the site.  After a dedication in July, the site will have available for an interpretive walk that will introduce the public to this important history.  Many of our Zion members attended camp there and we are glad to be part of the restoration.  There will be more ways in which we can be involved, so stay tune for more details.  We thank Craig Long, Tony Bushey, Roger Bushey, Wayne Bushey, Brandon Bushey, and Jerry Cutshall for helping with the work on Saturday.  The poison ivy, barberry, and general over-growth was extreme.  Chain Saws were buzzing, but the site has really taken shape.  Check out details on the website….http://www.schaeffersite.com/michaux/