A contest to encourage web-site use

In December we are promoting the use of our website with a contest.  Each Sunday, during the announcement time, I will announce a particular clue.   That clue is a word or phrase found somewhere on the website, on one of the blog postings.  Remember, the blogs are found under the banner headline on the home page:  Bible Basics, Mission Update, Pastor Kim, Sermons, etc.  (The categories above the banner headline are what we call “static pages”; examples are “history” and “music program.”)

Once you find the clue, make a comment such as “I found it!” The first person to find the clue and register with a comment wins a $10.00 Jane’s gift card.  To make it fair, so that everyone has time to get home from church and start looking, the comment must be posted after 1 p.m. Sunday afternoon.   You will need to log on to the website to make a comment, so do that before hand.  You will find it very easy . . . just follow the steps after clicking on “log in” on the home page.

I am encouraging all of us who use this technology to make the website part of your week.  Read the blogs, make comments, and share the site with others.  We are interested in your feedback and critique!  The facebook home page is a great way to share the good news about Zion with friends.  Again, please make comments on the postings…it lets us know what interests you and it keeps the ball rolling. If you would like to be a regular contributor to the facebook fan page or the website, please let me know and I will see that you get special access.  Thanks to everyone who is making our website and fan page a success!