Zion makes a $2500 gift to Opportunity International

Recently we have been blessed with the opportunity to give the poor a working chance.   Zion has sent Opportunity International $2500 to fund a “Trust Bank.”   This fund will provide hope to local entrepeneurs in a far-flung community.  We did not specify where the trust bank was to go, so we eagerly await word of where it will be used.  The trust bank is locally administered by a community group set up by Opportunity International.   This is a Christian-based micro lending operation established in 1971, providing income opportunities for 250,000 poor families in 32 countries.  This is a step towards a solution to the epidemic of world-wide poverty and hunger among God’s people.

A trust bank is pool of funds that is loaned to impoverished, but aspiring, entrepenuers.  The loans typically are between $50 and $300, and nearly always are repayed on-time and with interest.  Primarily women, supporting families, use the funds to establish variety stores, dressmaking shops, small markets or other cottage industries.  Given a chance to succeed and supported by weekly counseling sessions, technical advice, and basic education based on Christian values, these women gain the dignity of self-sufficiency and the chance to improve the lives of their children and families.  They solve their own problems!

We are glad to be part of this exciting work and hope to learn more about the community in which our trust bank is to be used.  Zion’s consistory voted that this expenditure be made out of the general fund.  We ended 2010 with income exceeding expenses and wanted to be good stewards of our blessings.   Please pray for this organization and the families being benefited.