Veteran’s Day observed at Zion in worship

On Sunday November 13, 2011 we observed Veterans Day as part of our worship service.  General David Hicks, retired Chief of Army Chaplains, brought our message.  Our choir sang several selections, including the stirring new piece, American Anthem, by Gene Scheer.  That piece, sung by Norah Jones, was the theme for the Ken Burns PBS epic on WWII.  As always, our own Eleanor played taps.  Following worship, we had a presentation by Lt. Col. Eugene Shearer, who is studying at the Carlisle Army War College.  He is an army logistics officer who has been deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan for  a total of 42 months in combat operations.  He laid out the issues confronting the returning vets from that “Long War” and the reasons that the Iraq/Afghanistan veterans face new challenges that are testing all systems of support.   More than half of these vets are between the ages of 22 and 30, and face readjustment issues in many spheres.  He touched on the topics of traumatic brain injuries, PTSD, catastrophic injuries, and suicide.  We are now better informed and better able to serve our veterans.  There are many ways we can do so,and we are always on the lookout for new ministries.