up and coming notes for confirmands

December 9: Confirmands, please note

1.  We will be serving at the soup kitchen January 29th, 2011.  We will also be cooking the food so be thinking about the menu.  You will have time to discuss this with Pastor Donna on Sunday.

2.  On Sunday, Dec 12th we will be working on session 7 in your workbooks.  Please read ahead of time!

3.  For the 8th graders (and Mileigh):  please look at the blog for Bible Basics on December 1.  It contains a review of that lesson and a brief summary of the first 11 chapters of Genesis.  We will meet again for Bible Basics January 5th.  Over the next couple weeks when we are not meeting, here are some points to review:

a.   Can you briefly explain the two different accounts of creation?  How are they different?  Why are they different?

b. Could you describe the temptation scene in the garden of Eden to a martian who knew nothing about the Bible or religion?

c.  Could you tell the story of Noah’s Ark to Mileigh’s little sister Abby?  (Assuming she could sit still long enough to listen?)

d.  What is the Tower of Babel and why was God unhappy about it?

e.  Who was Abram’s father, and who were Abram’s brothers? Who was Lot?  Where were they living before they went to Haran?  Can you find it on a map in the back of your Bible?

4.  I have asked our own Ryan Taylor to come and talk with us about social networking and the pitfalls of revealing too much personal information.  We will discuss the disturbing new trend toward gosssip sites that can be very destructive to one’s reputation.  here is a link for more info on this topic http://www.pbs.org/wnet/religionandethics/episodes/december-3-2010/gossip/7599/

stay tuned for the date when Ryan can be with us.