Thanks to our Bike Ride Volunteers

Dear volunteers and friends–

Thank you so much for your help with the FOA Bike Ride on Sunday.  Each of you have contributed to a wonderful project.

Thanks to Tom Deloe for driving  the extra miles to pick up the energy drink mix.

Thanks to the Busheys for the use of the trailer and meeting Carey at Hoffman Homes early on Sunday AM to load up the supplies.

Thanks to Bob Vines and Carey Ehly for the running to BJ’s for drinks/supplies.

Thanks to the Wenks for the apples.

Thanks to the Arendtsville Boy Scouts for their canopy and their help.

Thanks to ALL who brought drink jugs and coolers, canopies, hoses.  You are on my list for next year!

Thanks to Pastor Kim for delivering all the “extras” to SCCAP on Monday.  They were very appreciative for the fruit and food snacks.

Annie/Dick – Please thank Steve Niebler again for us when you see him.

Joe – Please thank Tim Fazenbaker again when you see him.  I look forward to talking with him prior to next year’s event.

Thanks for seeing to the final clean-up as Bob and I left to make it to the Band Concert, just in time for Kristin to play.  I did see Jim Brown from the Barlow Fire Company prior to leaving, and he was extremely pleased with the way that all was being cleaned up and put away.  And, thanks for supporting the Barlow Fire Company with their Fundraiser as well. 

Thanks to EVERYONE for helping with all of the tasks.

It was initiation by fire for Linda Ritter who ran the coffee/hot chocolate service with Karah Fissel.  I believe that they probably met every rider!  Thanks.

We may try to schedule a final meeting, however with this week being Easter and next week is the Volunteer Breakfast, we may just need to use the email method.  If you have any ideas, suggestions, issues, please send them to me or see me in church.  (Yes, we realize that the organizers used us as the “garbage can” for the rest of their supplies, but it still ended well for SCCAP.)

I apologize if I have missed anyone in thanking them personally for creating and running the “BEST REST STOP ON THE ENTIRE 2 DAY BIKE RIDE” !!!!


And,  THANKS TO CAREY EHLY FOR ALL OF THE SUPPLY WORK AND BEHIND THE SCENES ACTION THAT HE HAS WORKED FOR THE LAST 3 YEARS   Carey spent many, many hours working on the ordering, receiving and pick up of supplies for these events, especially during his busiest work season at Hoffman Homes.  I know that I could not work as many hours/week as Carey has been doing.    Please thank him!! 

Now, let’s rest, re-energize, and we’ll be ready for next year.


Tons of love for each one of you for a successful FOA Bike Ride Rest Station,

Angie Vines