Team Trinity Triumphs at Trivia Nite!

Team Trinity, representing Trinity UCC in Cashtown, swept to victory Monday January 31st at Zion’s Trivia Nite. They unseated the reigning champions, Snowball’s Chance, in a nail-biting overtime round.  Knowing that the manatee was the origin of the lore surrounding mermaids seemed to be the winning answer.  Next time her team mates will listen to Diane when she tells them something.  Team Trinity  consists of Dani, Wayne, and Charlie Stottlemeyer, Cytha Grissom and Pastor Austin Chenault.  They garnered $275 for their designated charity–disabled veterans.  Way to go, team!  All teams committed themselves well and it was a hilarious evening of grins and groans.  Thanks to our emcee Gina Bushey and the rest of the “backstage” crew who put on a very nice event.  Stay tuned for the next date.  Join us!