November/December Newsletter 2019


Embodying the Love of God in Word and Action

George Heberling, Interim Pastor

Wayne B., Consistory President

November/December 2019

Contents From the Pastor

Dear Friends in Christ,

Here we are at the end of October. The weather has changed significantly over the past couple of weeks with sweaters and coats replacing light shirts and sandals.  The time change takes place the first weekend of November and the long nights of late fall and winter begin.  And we will soon be preparing for the holidays.  It is a time to pause for a moment to think about how God is present and at work in your life in this very moment.  Maybe not in some dramatic, earth-shattering way, but in the steady presence of miraculous grace that supports and strengthens us through even the most routine of days.  The One who gave you breath in order to open your eyes and experience the stimulation of sight; who gave you strength to get out of bed this morning in order to greet your loved ones; who gave you a mind to organize your day and accomplish your daily tasks; who gave you hearing to listen to the marvelous sounds that soothe us.  O how often we take for granted even the simplest pleasures that surround us.

We are a people who tend to look at what we do not have rather than all that we do have.  We look at those around us and hear about the wealthy, sometimes with the attitude that because we cannot possess what they have or do what they do, it must mean that we lack something in our lives.  We fail to appreciate the richness with which our lives have been blessed by a merciful God.  As we identify blessing with material prosperity, we will certainly feel that we have been shortchanged – there are many “things” we might want, although we really don’t need them.  But as we are able to realize that blessings come to us, not through material things, but through relationships, we know that God has been near to us and given us more than we need to experience life to its fullest.

So, as we approach this day of Thanksgiving, let us pause to consider how full our lives really are – surrounded by caring friends and relatives, our lives filled with rich and meaningful memories, living in a world of both beauty and bounty, and, above all, given a hope that can never be taken from us through the assurance of God that we are held tightly and tenderly and will never be abandoned.  Perhaps this Thanksgiving Day would be well spent, at least partially, if we were forced to take an hour to think about how our lives have been enriched and blessed, rather than so caught up in the busyness of meal preparation and watching football games.  May you experience the gift of God’s spirit to remind you of how you have been filled with a rich and full life.                           Your interim Pastor,   George

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Consistory Summary   5

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In the Interim  The Consistory has adopted a strategy for developing a profile that truly reflects the life of Zion and the hopes and dreams of the congregation as we seek new long-time pastoral leadership.  The profile is the means by which Zion advertises itself to potential candidates interested in submitting their resumes for the position.  So it is important that Zion’s profile accurately reflect the current life of the congregation and the ways in which Zion seeks to grow its ministry and mission in the future.

In order to make that happen your participation is needed.  A series of Congregational Chats is planned, the first one following worship services on November 24th.  This is an opportunity for you to share what has been important for you in the past and what you see as important in years to come at Zion.  Early next year we will continue the Congregational Chats as well as ask you to complete a questionnaire from Samaritan Counseling of Lancaster.  This questionnaire will help those who write the profile to determine what kind of leadership Zion needs to meet the long-term goals of the congregation.  What specific skills and abilities will best serve Zion.   Combining the information received from the Congregational Chats as well as this questionnaire will provide a pretty clear picture of the type of pastoral leadership that will best suit the needs of Zion.

As you know quality pastoral leadership is vital for a healthy, stable church.  In order to attract the kind of candidates Zion would want, the profile is crucial.  It is the only way in which pastors who might be interested can know the congregation.  So plan to be part of the process through which the profile is written.   Plan on attending the first Congregational Chat on Sunday, November 24th!  Thank you ahead of time.


Worship in November & December

Worship is the best way to praise God for all your blessings.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

21st Sunday after Pentecost

Worship with Communion

Transforming Love

Luke 19: 1-10

Sunday, December 1, 2019

1st Sunday of Advent

Worship with Communion

Called to Gift

Matthew 24: 36-44

Our Worship

9:00 a.m.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

22nd Sunday after Pentecost

Hold on to Faith

Luke 20: 27-38

Sunday, December 8, 2019

2nd Sunday of Advent

Annual Meeting

Vision of Peace

Matthew 3: 1-12

Sunday School

10:15 a.m.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

23rd Sunday after Pentecost

Infinite Possibilities

Luke 21: 5-19

Sunday, December 15, 2019

3rd Sunday of Advent

Heartbeat of Justice

Matthew 11: 2-11

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Reign of Christ Sunday

Together in Christ

Luke 23: 33-43

Sunday, December 22, 2019

4th Sunday of Advent

God With Us

Matthew 1: 18-25



  Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas Eve

Worship with Communion


Luke 2: 1-14

  Sunday, December 29, 2019

1st Sunday after Christmas

Cosmic Praise

Matthew 2: 13-23

A Flower Sponsor is needed for December 29, 2019:

The 2020 Flower Calendar will soon be posted in the vestibule.   Please remember to sign up.

Worship CDs will be available as soon as the Audio/Visual upgrade is completed. We appreciate your patience.  Look for announcements in the bulletin.


Worship Attendance   To Meet the Budget

Annual Budget $193,679.00     Weekly Offering Needed $3,720.27 

Sept. 1     62 Month Offering Rec’d Needed to Date Received to Date
Sept. 8     86 January $14,682.12 $14,881.08 $14,682.12
Sept. 15   70 February $13,743.14 $29,762.16 $28,425.26
Sept. 22   88 March $17,147.16 $48,363.51 $45,572.42
Sept. 29   72 April $15,711.17 $63,244.59 $61,283.59
Oct. 6    87 May $14,829.03 $78,125.67 $76,112.62
Oct. 13   57 June $15,607.90 $96,727.02 $91,720.52
Oct. 20   82 July $14,321.32 $111,608.11 $106,041.84
Oct. 27   88 August $11,530.30 $126,489.18 $117,572.14
  September $17,440.37 $145,090.53 $135,012.51


Cancellations due to weather If inclement weather threatens, Rev. Heberling and Consistory President Wayne B. will confer and reach a decision early Sunday morning. Members should dial the church phone number (717-677-8319) after 7:30 a.m. to hear any cancellation news

Upcoming Events

Ramblers – The Ramblers enjoyed a hike on the Appalachian Trail in October. Come join us for a ramble on the “forgotten” part of the Gettysburg Battlefield on November 9th!  We will explore a few miles of the eastern side of the battlefield with Bob V. leading us.  Look for meeting time and place in the bulletin.

Ladies Breakfast Group – We will meet on November 11th at the Apple Bin at 9:00 a.m. for breakfast and our third annual White Elephant Sale.  Bring a wrapped item that has a value of at least $20.00, and have fun raising money for the church!  In December, we’ll meet on Monday, the 9th at 9:00 a.m. again at the Apple Bin.

Gloves Drive The Ladies Group is also sponsoring a gloves drive and asks all church members to consider donating a pair of gloves to be put in the John’s Meals packages that go home on weekends. Dollar Tree has 2 pairs of gloves for $1.00 and WalMart has 2 pairs for $2.99.  There will be a box in the back of church where you can drop your purchase.  If you prefer to make a monetary donation, give your money to Sally B., and she will do your shopping for you!  Our goal is 175 pairs

Undie Sunday – On November 24th, Zion is hosting “Undie” Sunday!  We are collecting NEW socks, underwear, t-shirts, and onesies for ages pre-K through adult.  School-aged (5 yr. old to 18 yr old) items will be donated to Upper Adams School District to be handed out by their nurses.  Pre-K and adult sizes will be donated to the homeless shelter in Gettysburg.

Annual Congregational Meeting – Zion’s annual congregational meeting will be held on Sunday, December 8th, following worship.  A letter with details and a proposed budget will be sent to members in late November.

Needleworkers Group – Look for our annual sale after Thanksgiving – details in bulletin.

Book Club Meeting – On November 14th at 7:00 p.m., Zion’s Book Club will meet in the Mustard Seed room to discuss The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware.  Here is a synopsis:

Imagine landing an interview for the dream job of being a nanny at an architect’s estate in the Scottish Highlands. Then imagine that one of the children sobs at you at the interview, “It’s not safe…The ghosts wouldn’t like it.”  Needing the money, Rowan isn’t deterred by the tearful warning or the fact that four nannies have quit in the last year, but more unsettling experiences are in store.  A strangely unfinished note left by a former nanny, the omniscient smart home system named Happy, and dragging footsteps above her bedroom – even though she’s on the top floor – begin to burrow under Rowan’s skin.  Ruth Ware cleverly blends superstitious dread with high-tech surveillance into an intoxicating cocktail of a thriller that goes down smooth and then creeps up on you before you realize what’s happening.

In December, our readers will meet on Thursday, the 12th, to discuss our December selection,A Woman of No Importance: The Untold Story of the American Spy Who Helped Win World War II.  A synopsis:

In this fast-paced biography, Sonia Purnell tells the story of Virginia Hall, an American spy who worked undercover in France during World War II for Britain’s Special Operations Executive (SOE).  Hall’s story is a surprising one.  She began her life in the United States with a mother who wished for the perfect debutante.  Hall, however, was more comfortable studying languages and found herself living abroad and working for the State Department when she lost half her leg in a hunting accident.  This setback didn’t slow her down.  She named her wood prosthetic, drove ambulances in France, and was recruited by a recently-formed SOE as a spy in occupied France.  Hall posed as a newspaper reporter, enlisting civilians for the French Resistance, and established an underground network of allies, becoming one of the most important spies during World War II.

Christmas Flowers – The Altar Guild is offering your choice of Red or White Poinsettias for Christmas. Order forms will be placed in the bulletin/church October 27 – November 24.  Cost is $8.50 each.  Forms and money (checks preferred made out to Zion UCC Altar Guild) should be given to Joyce or Donna by November 24.  Poinsettias will be delivered to the church for the Christmas Eve service.

Matthew 25 UpdateOur Matthew 25 fund is set up to provide assistance to families in need, whether members of non-members. It is not designated for general mission or relief work.  As of October 23rd, the balance in the account is $3,799.23.

Trivia Nite – Congratulations to Team Trinity, our winners at Trivia on Oct. 20th.  They were able to make a $332.00 donation to the SPCA.  Mark your calendars, our next Trivia Nite will be Sunday, January 12, 2020.

UACT News –

John’s Meals invites you to the Adams County Community Foundation’s 2019 Giving Spree on November 7 from 4-7 p.m. at the Gettysburg Area Middle School where you will find 85 nonprofits and a festive atmosphere. The first 1000 visitors will get a free coin worth $10 to donate to the charity of their choice so plan to come early and help fill our piggy bank’s tummy! All donations we receive at the event, or online between October 23 and November 7, will be matched by a percentage of the ACCF stretch pool. If you cannot attend the Giving Spree, John’s Meals will also be at the annual UACT banquet at the Biglerville Fire Hall at 5 p.m. on Sunday, November 3 to share information about our program. We can accept your donation there. (Checks must be made out to ACCF and dated November 7, 2019.).  For details, visit or contact John’s Meals board member Becky Adelmann at 717-677-9445 or

John’s Meals began our 6th year of providing weekend meals to food-insecure homes in the Upper Adams School District in mid-September serving approximately 175 students and their siblings. Thank you to the many volunteers helping to keep our program moving successfully! Zion is supplying the individual mac and cheese packets which are served bi-weekly. Please place your donations in the Matthew 25 cabinet at the rear of the church. Thank you for the mac and cheese along with financial donations. Please make any checks payable to UACT with John’s Meals on memo line. Donations may be placed in the offering plates or mailed to UACT, PO Box 593, Arendtsville PA 17303. Thank you for your continued prayers and support to help feed hungry bellies of UASD.

 Homewood News: Homewood Auxiliary 2020 dues are now being collected. The signup sheets and envelope are on the clipboard on the credenza at the rear of the church sanctuary. $3 individual, $5 couple. Signup will continue until 12/15. Calendars are available for your dues payment and are also located on the credenza. Thank you for your continued support for the Homewood Auxiliary.

Zion has offered to supply small Christmas gifts for Homewood residents this year instead of sending Christmas cards as the number of cards was overwhelming. Appropriate gifts are cube-sized boxes of tissues and medium size (10-15 oz.) bottles of UNSCENTED body lotion.  Please wrap your gifts and place in the box in the back of church.  Donations will be accepted until December 8th.  Thanks for helping support the 217 residents at Homewood.

Holiday Toy Drive: Zion has been asked to provide LEGO sets (ONLY LEGOS, NOT DUPLOS) for the United Way Holiday Toy Drive. United Way was extremely appreciative of our LEGO donations last year, especially for the older kiddos. Look for sets in the 6-9 and 9-12 age groups.  We will be collecting until December 8th at which time Gina has volunteered to deliver the items.  There will be samples available in church beginning in November.  Thanks for your support of our wider community’s kids.

Community Aid: Thanks to all who donated items to the Community Aid bin. Our most recent check from Community Aid was in the amount of $368.71.  Accepted items are:  clothing, belts, purses, shoes, linens, and curtains/draperies. Also, please place items into bags prior to putting into the bin.

REACH News: Anyone wishing to attend this year’s REACH mission trip to Columbia County, New York (Albany area) needs to talk to Chris P. The trip is planned for July 11-19, 2020.  Registrations are being accepted now and $100.00 will hold your place (and Zion will underwrite this registration fee).

Consistory News Summary

The Consistory meeting on September 23rd opened with a prayer by Pastor George and some worship facts and trends from research by President Wayne B.  The minutes from the August meeting were approved as was the Treasurer’s reports for September.  In the Pastor’s report, Pastor George noted that, to ensure continuity of worship, he intends to be here every Sunday beginning in January.  A FEMA security and safety evaluation will be discussed at the next meeting.  A new worship format will begin on September 29th.  There will be special recognition of members of 50+ years on October 27th and an observation of members and friends lost in the past year during the All Saints’ Sunday worship on November 3rd.  In Old Business, the move to a business account with Comcast should be completed by mid-October. Revision of the Facilities Usage form continues as does research into incorporation of the church for liability reasons.  The Consistory voted to move forward with steeple repair.  In New Business, a presentation of the wireless network project was given by Dan W; Bill S gave an update on the A/V project.

Committee news:

The Personnel Committee is interviewing applicants for Treasurer.

Stewardship The Neighbors in Need collection was held October 6th.

The Fellowship Committee welcomes suggestions for projects and fund-raising events.

The Finance Committee is working on the 2020 budget.

Alan H. of the Property Committee replaced bad batteries in emergency lights and redirected motion detectors for the side driveway.  Baird’s Heating and Cooling made repairs to the HVAC systems due to lightning damage as well as fixing two mini splits.  The contract with Alam B. Roofing for steeple repair has been signed.  They will replace any bad wood and cover the louvers and outside of tower with metal.  Cost is expected to be $19,675.00 but could change depending on the existing damage.

From Christian Ed: Zion’s Sunday School has been well attended, please consider volunteering in the different capacities available. Our next Christian Ed. Meeting will be held Nov.17th during Sunday School hour, please join us. Please see the Zion Sunday School Times for all the upcoming activities.

Per the Worship Committee, Christmas Choir practice beganOctober 23rd.

The Audio/Visual Committee continues to work on the upgrade of the sound and video systems in church.

The Pastoral Relations Committee had a productive meeting in early October.


The Mission Committee has developed a new mission project – Helping Hands – that we are now ready to launch.  The purpose of Helping Hands is two-fold:  first, to assist members of Zion and their immediate families with general clean-up/yard work or home repair projects for which they need an extra hand and that will improve their  quality of life, and, second, to give our members an opportunity to serve others.  We want to share the love of Christ by meeting practical day-to-day needs, and to achieve this goal we need volunteers from our congregation here at Zion.  To that end, we will be sending a volunteer information form out to everyone on the church e-mail list.  If you are able and willing to assist with any possible project, please return the completed form to the church office.  As different projects are submitted through the eligibility and application process, they will be e-mailed to the volunteers who have completed forms.  Volunteers can choose the projects in which they want to participate.  From those who volunteer for a particular project, a team leader will be selected and will then coordinate the other volunteers for that project.  ..

If you have a project with which you need help, please pick up an application form from the church office or the credenza in the rear of church. Fill out the form including as much detail as possible about the project.  Return the completed form to the church office and it will be evaluated.

As mentioned earlier, initially we will be limiting Helping Hands applications to members of Zion and their immediate families.  Eventually, the goal is to open this process to the wider community.  We may need to fine tune the process before we can expand it.

If you have a need to help or be helped, please take advantage of this opportunity.  This is a great “hands-on” opportunity to assist members of our church family and grow spiritually and in practical knowledge.

If you have any questions, please contact any member of the Mission Committee or the church office.

Wayne B.

Chariman – Mission Committee




November/December 2019


(November 2019)

UNIT 48 Kindergarten

1st Grade





























Journey To Bethlehem

(December 2019)

UNIT 49 Kindergarten















The spring rotation is about half full!! Thank you so much.

Please see the sign up sheets and volunteer as able.


It’s a Skating Party!!

Sunday, November 17th


Magic Elm Skate Land

Hanover, PA

RSVP to Dana B. with # attending in your party. Entry is free but skate rental is $3.00 per person payable at the door.  Children must be accompanied by an adult.  Please feel free to bring a friend..or two!  Hosted by Zion UCC, Arendtsville.


Zion extends our sympathy to . . .

The family and friends of Kathy S. who died September 16, 2019.

Congratulations to . . .

Jennifer and Peter P. on the baptism of their daughter, .H., on October 6,, 2019

Thank you . . .

To Jamie M. for the use of his scaffolding for various church projects.

To Debra S. and Kendra R. for the lovely autumn floral and pumpkin display outside church.

To Bob V. for leading Zion’s Ramblers on hikes.

  Hoss’s fundraiser – Zion received $145.43 from our last fundraiser at Hoss’s. Our next fundraiser is scheduled for Monday, December 9, 2019, from 12 noon to 8:00 p.m.  Enjoy a good meal and raise money for the church at the same time!  Please present the flyer to your wait staff when ordering.  Thanks for your support.