Minutes: January 20, 2020

In Attendance:
Rev. George Heberling,  Minda H., Debra S., Craig L., Wayne B.  Bob V., Kathy J.

Opening Devotions: Minda H.

Office Manager’s Report
A motion was made by Bob V. to accept the November 18, 2019, minutes; Deb S. seconded the motion. Motion passed. There was no meeting in December.

Consistory Secretary’s Report – Minutes from the brief Consistory meeting at the retreat were taken by Minda H.and given to Cindy.

December’s Attendance
Date   Worship Attendance      Sunday School Attendance
Dec. 2                90                                        44
Dec. 9                98                                        30
Dec. 16            140 –
Dec. 23            120 –
Dec. 24            197 – –
Dec. 30             72 –


Date Worship Attendance Sunday School Attendance

Dec. 1             107                             44

Dec. 15           136 –

Dec. 22           128                             20

Dec. 24           150

Dec. 29             69 –

Treasurer’s Report
General Checking balance as of December 31, 2019 $70,346.82
General Fund balance $46,896.84
Income for December $24,922.13
Expenses for December $17,036.92
Surplus for the month $7,885.21

November’s Treasurer’s Report was reviewed in the absence of a December meeting. Moving to December’s report, there was a monthly surplus of $7,885.21 which led to a year-to-date surplus of $3,639.97. We have received almost $3,000.00 so far to replenish the Capital Improvement Fund after the $20,000.00 outlay for steeple repair. The Lord Abbott fund showed a $400.00 gain while the Edward Jones account showed a $2,202.82 gain. In response to a previously voiced question, the Treasurer reports that a draw down of the Edward Jones fund is possible and had been done once in the past. She also reports that the 2020 mileage rate has been announced: $.57-1/2 a mile. Due to a timing error at Adams County National Bank, the Insurance Board payment was made in December rather than January.

Jay J. and Kathy J.are now both on the Members 1st account as signatories, and the CD at that establishment was renewed for 11 months at 1.6%. The Christmas Fund collection for retired clergy netted $350.00 which was sent to the Conference. After discussion, Minda H. made a motion that $500.00 of the Christmas Eve collection be sent to Gettysburg C.A.R.E.S and $635.00 sent to REACH. Bob V. seconded the motion, and the motion passed. Consistory will give Kathy a check voucher for each of those amounts so she can cut the checks. Letters will be sent with the checks. It was noted that the Hoss’s account and Helping Hands account have balances going into 2020. There was some discussion concerning using Helping Hands money to provide aid to members who suffer catastrophic losses. Kathy noted that The Hartford, through which Zion has its Workmen’s Comp policy, requires an audit which she is working on.

A motion was made by Debra S. to approve the November Treasurer’s report and was seconded by Minda H.  Motion passed. A motion was made by Craig L. to approve the December Treasurer’s report and was seconded by Debra S. Motion passed.

Pastor’s Activity

(See Pastor’s Report: Rev. George Heberling, November 14 to December 10, 2019, submitted on November 18, 2019; also see the report December 11, 2019 to January 15, 2020, submitted on January 20th.)

Pastor Heberling reported that the Consistory Retreat went well as did the second Congregational Chat. Both provided thought-provoking comments. There is a Men’s Breakfast Group being organized by Eddie D. which will meet on the third Monday of the month at the Apple Bin at 8:00 a.m. Cindy will advertise in the bulletin. A motion to approve the November and December Pastor’s reports was made by Bob V. and seconded by Craig L. The motion passed.

Ministry Reports

(See Ministry Reports, December 16, 2019 and January 20, 2020.)
Ministry Reports for both December and January were accepted by the Consistory as were individual Committee reports from Worship and Christian Ed. The 2020 budget for UACT was also acknowledged.

The Property Committee reports that they have received one complete quote for a new spotlight, altar lights, and new bulbs for hanging lights. Once they receive the other two complete quotes, they will bring all quotes to Consistory for consideration.

Steeple Repair Repairs to the steeple are completed, and Zion is awaiting the final bill from Alam B Roofing. Investigation into how to repair the lightning rod on the church roof is still ongoing.

Wi-Fi Password – After some discussion, it was decided to have the wi-fi password for the church given to the Consistory members; Cindy will contact Dan W. for this. A motion was made by Minda H. to have Consistory members give the password to church members upon request and was seconded by Debra S. Motion passed. Consistory will review how this process works in three months for any problems.

Consistory Officers for 2020 – A motion was made by Bob V. and seconded by Craig L to retain Consistory Officers Wayne B. as President, Debra S. as Vice-President, and Minda H. as Secretary. Motion passed. Committee chairs will remain the same with new members Craig L. chairing Personnel/Stewardship and Tom D. co-chairing Mission. An announcement will be put in the bulletin asking members interested in serving on Committees to contact Consistory members.


Worship – It was decided that Zion will participate in the UACT Ash Wednesday joint service, Lenten Supper Study, and Easter Sunrise service. As we move forward, evening services for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Christmas will be at 7:00 p.m. rather than 7:30 p.m.

Unlocking and Locking the Church – Consistory decided the Head Usher will arrive by 8:15 a.m. to unlock the church for Sunday service and will lock the front door after church before leaving. Minda will contact the Sunday School team about the locking the side door before they leave.

Conference Initiatives – Cindy will forward Association, Conference, and national UCC news to Consistory for their consideration and possible member response.

Thank You – A huge thank you to Dan W. for his work with the wi-fi networks and for assisting Cindy in setting up the new laptop.

Pastoral Transition and Survey
The HolyCow! survey will open January 26th. Paper copies will be available at church for those who do not wish to complete the survey online. The link for the online survey will be sent out Thursday, Jan. 23rd. The survey ends Feb. 16th. Data from paper copies will be entered by hand by Feb. 23rd. HolyCow! will have two weeks to compile data and return their findings. Consistory and the Profile Committee will meet to review these in March, and HolyCow! will make a report to the Congregation during worship one Sunday.

In other discussion, the difference between an invitational church and a welcoming church was noted. Also noted was the long-term commitment to small groups needed to transition to invitational. Minda raised the possibility of a nursery renovation to accommodate more children.

Other Business – It was agreed that former Treasurer Barb A. would be paid as a 1099 employee. She is completing training the new Treasurer. A motion was made by Bob V. to pay Barb $12.00 an hour with a maximum of $200.00 per month for two months in 2020; it was seconded by Minda H. Motion passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:02 p.m. with a motion to adjourn made by Debra S. and seconded by Craig L. The next consistory meeting will be on February 17, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.