Minutes: August 19, 2019

In Attendance:  Rev. George H., Barbara A., Jay J., Debra S., Wayne B., Minda H., Kevin C., Bob V.

Opening Devotions/Prayer:   Rev. Heberling 

Office Manager’s Report

A motion was made by Jay J. to accept the July 29, 2019, minutes; Bob V. seconded the motion. Motion passed.

A motion was made by Minda H. to amend the minutes of the April 15th Consistory meeting to reflect that the compensation for Rev. Heberling for pastoral care visits is $35.00 an hour (not $25.00) plus mileage at the prescribed rate (currently $.58 a mile).  The motion was seconded by Bob V.  Motion passed.

Consistory Secretary’s Report – No report

July’s Attendance

2018 2019
Date Worship Attendance Sunday School Attendance Date Worship Attendance Sunday School Attendance
July 1 76   July 7 87  
July 8 52   July 14 70  
July 15 44   July 21 66  
July 22 82   July 28 61  
July 29 61        


Treasurer’s Report

General Checking balance as of July 31, 2019                        $73,102.97

General Fund balance                                                              $44,480.25

Income for July                                                                         $14,343.98

Expenses for July                                                                     $11,866.60

Surplus for the month                                                               $2,477.38

The Year-to-Date surplus is $1,223.38. It was noted that the change in Pastor George’s pastoral visit compensation will be reflected in August’s report.  The Edward Jones and Lord Abbott funds were both up for July.  As of Aug. 1, Pastor George is interim pastor and Rev. Gobrecht is supply pastor, so all George’s expenses will be charged against the Pastor’s Expense line, while Rev. Gobrecht will be charged to the Supply Pastor line.  The Supply Staff line was over by $105.00 due to summer music.  The Mission and Maintenance lines are over for Year-to-Date but will even out by the end of the year.  Utilities were down for the summer so far.

It was noted that the Treasurer may not be able to attend the September meeting but will send a report.

A motion was made to approve the Treasurer’s Report by Jay J. and seconded by Minda H. The motion passed.

Pastor’s Activity

(See Supply Pastor’s Report: Rev. George Heberling, July 27 to August 14, 2019, submitted on August 19, 2019)

Pastor George recommends pursuing official incorporation of the church. Jay J. will contact Attorney Matt B. about this as well as whether liability falls on all church members in the absence of incorporation.  Pastor George intends to submit a quarterly interim pastor report to the Gettysburg Association.  He will also form a Pastoral Relations Committee and will be available for meetings at Zion House by appointment.  This will be put in the newsletter and bulletin.  It was noted that member Franchot S. had died and Kathy F. is handling church arrangements.

A motion to accept the Pastor’s report was made by Deb S. and seconded by Jay J. The motion passed.

Ministry Reports

(See Ministry Reports, August 19, 2019.)

The Property Committee reported that the insurance adjuster will be here on Tuesday, Aug. 20th to review the damages from lightning earlier in the month.  Andy B. will be there to show the HVAC issues, Bill S. will show the A/V issues.  Bob V. and Cindy B. will also attend the meeting.

There is a skid of bricks stored at APM. These are the remainder of the bricks used for the sidewalk project in front of Zion House.  At some point, APM may want Zion to remove them which would need to be done by wheelbarrow as the skid is broken.  They could possibly be stored behind the shed.

Pastor George noted that weeds cover the Zion UCC sign near McDannell’s Fruit Market, and Bob V. said he would take care of them as well as check the church signs on other roads leading to Arendstville.

The wraps intended to be purchased for the front porch posts on Zion House are not the correct size. Minda H. will continue looking for an appropriate product.


Consistory recommended that Cindy B. send forms to Columbia Gas asking that Zion UCC not be on the list of customers they provide to third party vendors.

The phone line at Zion House will need to become a business account. The Comcast business account rep is working on the forms that will need to be signed.  Cindy will keep in contact with him.

After reviewing the Facilities Reservation Form and a handout from the UCC about insurance liability, it was decided that Jay J. will call the insurance company to determine if Zion is covered when outside organizations want to use any of our facilities. He will ask about the TULIP program through which organizations can get liability insurance if they do not have it already.  He will also talk to Attorney Matt B. about what the reservation form should contain.  Cindy will revise the form and bring it to the next Consistory meeting.


Roofing Quotes

Bob V. presented two quotes from Alam B. Roofing for steeple repair. One quote was for repair and painting ($18,750.00); the other was for repair and wrapping with metal trim coil.($19,675.00).  In order to have a good comparison, Bob had called other companies, but Zion’s project was too small for consideration.  Wayne B. will contact Kelly Roofing for a quote; Minda H. will contact Ketterman and Wagner Construction.  Quotes will be for wrapping to avoid the need for future repairs.  At the time of repairs, the chosen contractor will need to allow Zion’s electrician to use their lift in order to reattach the lightning rod at the top of the steeple.  The contractors will also need to address the possibility of charges exceeding the quote once they have seen the inside of the steeple.  Consistory wants to avoid having a $20,000 project suddenly balloon a great deal higher.  It was decided that some of the money for the project could come from the Capital Improvement Fund, and members will also be asked for donations.

Thank You Notes –

Minda H. will write thank you notes to Bob V., Dan W. & Jay J. for cleaning church spouting along Main Street; to Dan W., Bill S., and Bob V. for assessing lightning strike damages; and to Curt G. and APM for assistance with replacing church steps and use of equipment as needed. .

Pastoral Transition

After discussion and reflection on the presentation by two members of Trinity UCC, Gettysburg, on their discernment and call process, it was decided that Wayne B. should contact Samaritan Counseling to do an informational presentation to the Consistory and Profile Committee concerning their survey and analytics services. A survey, either through Samaritan or by the discernment committee, will eventually be sent to all members of Zion for their input into the Profile process.  Following the survey response, a congregational meeting and church chats with small groups led by Committee members will offer church members the opportunity to discuss the results and what they indicate about Zion’s future.

Informational – The Sunday School would like to schedule a skating party at Magic Elm Skateland in Hanover for November 17th.  A motion was made by Minda H. to approve the $375.00 rental fee and seconded by Debra S.  The motion passed

Cindy B. was directed to order a Canon black and white multi-function machine to replace the broken copier in the Sunday School crafts room. She was also directed to put an announcement in the bulletin and newsletter concerning AERO Energy’s House of Worship program so that any members who purchase heating oil from AERO can choose to participate and have Zion receive a donation from the company.

Pastor George noted that he uses the seasonal paraments for funerals rather than changing them.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m. with a motion to adjourn made by Debra S. and seconded by Jay J. The next consistory meeting will be on September 16, 2019.