Membership Services

Database of Member Services 2014


Member Services

Below is a list of the different outreach and in-reach services we a Zion provide.  After each item is the person to contact and their phone number as applicable.  The list will be updated quarterly and disseminated through various means

Matthew 25 fund – Pastor Kim:  677-8319

Soup Ministry – Pastor Kim

Trivia Night – Gina Bushey:  677-9320

Quilt Ministry – Sally Bowersox:  677-7487

Women’s Group – Sally Bowersox

Bible Study – Pastor Kim

Book Group – Heather Bushey:  677-9320

Sunday School

Pre K thru 6th:  Clarissa Pirich

Confirmation Based Sunday schoolPastor Kim

Post Confirmation Sunday school (9-12) – Pastor Kim

Adult Sunday schoolPastor Kim

Parent-to-Parent Sunday school (in development) – Chris Parker:  677-7028

Food Ministry – Sue Leedy

Prayer chain –

Visitation Team – Linda Ritter:  677-9323

Hiking Club – Pastor Kim

Volunteer Opportunities:

Habitat For Humanity – Roger Bushey:  359-4753

Soup Kitchen – Pam Sanders:  337-2845

Food Pantry – Gina Bushey

Quilt Ministry – Sally Bowersox



Property Committee – Alan Harbaugh

Mission Committee – Angie Vines:  677-9654

Fellowship Committee – Pam Sanders

Membership Committee – Jenny Hansen

Christian Education Steering Team – Bob Tate

Worship and Music Committee – Bob Tate

Stewardship Committee –

Finance Committee – Jim Orner

Veteran’s Action – Rob Bennett:  677-4272

Rotation Model Sunday school – Clarissa Pirich

Teachers, Shepherds

Adult Choir – Sharon Cooley:  677-6073