Consistory: Minutes May 18, 2020

Meeting Opened at 7:02 p.m.


In Attendance:  Rev. George Heberling, Minda H., Debra S., Craig L., Wayne B., Bob V., Tom D., Jay J.

Opening Devotions:   Tom D.

Office Manager’s Report

A motion was made by Minda H. to approve the minutes of the April 20, 2020 meeting and was seconded by Debra S.  Minutes were approved.  A motion was made by Jay J. to approve the minutes of the May 5, 2020 meeting and was seconded by Craig L.  Minutes were approved.


Consistory Secretary’s Report – Thank you note was sent to Donna M. for delivering the Easter flowers.


April’s Attendance

2019 2020
Date Worship Attendance Sunday School Attendance Date Worship Attendance Sunday School Attendance
Apr. 7 101 45 Apr. 5 0 0
Apr. 14 153 53 Apr. 12 0 0
Apr. 17 M. Th 20 Apr. 19 0 0
Apr. 18 Gd. Fri 43 Apr. 26 0 0
Apr. 21 Snrise 55      
Apr. 21 regular 154      
Apr. 28 114 40      


Treasurer’s Report

General Checking balance as of Apr. 30, 2020                     $85,881.43

General Fund balance                                                           $43,304.05

Income for April                                                                     $16,364.16

Expenses for April                                                                 $13,333.96

Surplus for the month                                                              $3,030.20

Income for Zion in April remained high thanks to generous members.  May’s income projects to be less than April’s.  The investment funds each showed gains.  The Matthew 25 fund balance was $4,614.23 at the end of April.

A motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report was made by Bob V.and seconded by Tom D.  Motion passed.

Pastor’s Activity

(See Pastor’s Report:  Rev. George Heberling, April 16 to May 13, 2020, submitted on April 20th.)

Pastor George noted that the first Zoom worship on May 10 went well.  He kept the format informal on May 17 and will continue to do that so people feel connected.  He will continue to record his sermons for youtube, and the bulletin and sermon will continue to be distributed via email.  He asked for Consistory’s permission to contact all parents of prospective Confirmands to determine if they wish a separate Confirmation class from the current UACT joint class.  He has received feedback that the UCC identity is being lost in the UACT classes.  He will report on his conversations at the next Consistory meeting.  He felt the upcoming Confirmation class will likely be on Zoom at the beginning and could have 7-10 students from Zion.  Even if Zion holds separate Confirmation class in 2020, Zion would still be welcome to participate in joint Confirmation at a later date.  Zion continues to be a supporting, active member of UACT, and Consistory wondered what Upper Adams issues can be addressed collaboratively by the organization.  Bob V. reported that UACT is still refining the job description for Youth Coordinator to work with all the member churches, both dues paying/voting and nonpaying/nonvoting.  Adequate compensation for what will be a challenging and possibly, at times, overwhelming job is a continuing subject of debate.

The Consistory unanimously accepted the report.

Ministry Reports 

(See Ministry Reports, May 18, 2020.)

There was discussion about the annual picnic/worship service usually held at Oakside Park in June.  It was decided to cancel that outing due to Covid-19 restrictions concerning meals.  Consistory hopes to be instituting outdoor worship at Zion during June.  Debra S. will contact Oakside and cancel pavilion reservation.  It was reported that a decision about holding July’s Vacation Bible School will be made in June.

A motion was made by Minda H. to accept the Ministry Reports and was seconded by Debra S.  The motion passed.


SBA Loan:   According to the SBA, the official closing date for reporting relevant expenses will be June 30th.  Jay J. is attending a webinar on May 20th concerning loan questions, answers, and guidelines for reporting.  Should any employee wish to donate all or part of his/her salary back to the church for any specific purpose, they can do that at any time.  As a corollary, the question of compensation for outdoor worship music was raised as was the subject of additional tasks for the sexton both in preparation for indoor worship in the future and to take advantage of little use of the church building.  As more concrete guidelines for cleaning are established, this topic will be revisited at the next meeting.

Holy Cow! survey:  With the difficulty of assessing feedback during a Zoom meeting, David M. is requesting that Consistory members and Profile Committee members fill out a brief survey or list of questions that should be emailed to them by May 20th.  That information will allow him to be more helpful, and Wayne expects a possible face-to-face meeting once everyone is in the Yellow Phase.

Covid-19 Task Force:  The Task Force comprised of Craig L., Fred M., Dana B., and Meagan W. met last week and formulated a proposed list of guidelines for holding outdoor worship through the summer and early fall.  Chair Craig L. shared these with Consistory, and there was some discussion and recommendations.  He will take the recommendations to the Task Force’s meeting on May 19th where they will finalize the guidelines.  Craig will send them to Cindy so they can be included with a congregational letter to be mailed next week announcing outdoor worship beginning June 7th.  Pastor George will compose the letter.  Before June 7, a meeting will be held on the parking lot to determine the best way to park cars (Jay, Bob), the efficacy of the outdoor sound system (Kevin C.), the possibility of broadcasting via FM so people could listen in their cars (Bill S., Dan W.), and the location of temporary altar or center of worship (Pastor George) and offering plate and bulletins (Cindy will print some and also send via email if people prefer to print at home).  It was recommended that thorough cleaning of all horizontal surfaces in Zion House’s restroom and kitchen area would be sufficient for having 1 in-1 out restroom access during the outdoor service.


June Worship:  See Covid-19 Task Force above.

Pastoral Transition – The Profile Committee hopes to work on the Church Profile during June, with the intent of submitting it early in the summer.  However, it is acknowledged that there is little response right now to submitted profiles due to the virus situation.


It was agreed that Zion’s graduating high school seniors will be recognized in the first or second week of June in the bulletin.

Cindy will put an announcement in the bulletin asking for parents to update Zion on college students and their studies.

There is a dead tree at the corner of Zion’s and Mountain House’s properties.


A motion was made by Jay J. to adjourn and seconded by Debra S..  The meeting was adjourned at 8:26 p.m.  There may be a brief Consistory meeting during the first week of June as plans formalize for outdoor worship. The next regular consistory meeting will be on June 15, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.