Consistory: Minutes March 16, 2020

In Attendance:
Rev. George Heberling,  Minda H., Debra S., Craig L., Wayne B., Bob V., Kathy J., Jay J., Tom D.

Opening Devotions: Craig L.

Office Manager’s Report
A motion was made by Minda H. to approve the February 17, 2020 minutes; Debra S.seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Consistory Secretary’s Report – Brenda and Dave M. received a thank you note for donating a lamp for the Mustard Seed room.

February’s Attendance
Worship Date,  Attendance, Sunday School Attendance
Feb. 2, 77, 52
Feb. 10, 88, 52
Feb. 17, 84, 51
Feb. 24, 103, 23
Feb. 26, Ash Wed, 10

Worship Date, Attendance, Sunday School Attendance
Feb. 2, 77, 52
Feb. 9, 104, 55
Feb. 16, 73, 39
Feb. 23, 118, 45

Treasurer’s Report
General Checking balance as of February 29, 2020 $58,538.23
General Fund balance $42,813.13
Income for February $13,492.82
Expenses for January $13,782.63
Deficit for the month ($289.81)

$935.00 was received in February to replenish the Capital Improvement fund. Unsurprisingly, February was a poor month for performance for the Edward Jones account  and for the Lord Abbett fund. The Cluck-Hartman CD was renewed at a more favorable interest rate. As other CDs mature at Adams County National Bank, interest rates will be compared to see if a move to another facility is recommended. Verifications of the boiler inspection and Terminix invoices were given.

Consistory agreed there is a need to better plan for capital improvements. A motion was made by Jay J. to have the Treasurer send monthly email reports to Consistory and attend Consistory meetings quarterly or as needed. The motion was seconded by Debra S. Motion passed.

A motion to approve the Treasurer’s report was made by Craig L. and seconded by Minda H. The motion passed.

Pastor’s Activity

(See Pastor’s Report: Rev. George Heberling, February 12, 2020 to March 10, 2020, submitted on March 16th.)

George reported that, due to the corona virus emergency, all UACT Lenten gatherings and services as well as other UACT events are cancelled except for John’s Meals which continues to provide weekend backpacks of food to food-insecure students. Consistory decided to cancel worship services for March 22 and 29 to aid in slowing the spread of the COVED-19 virus. George will send the bulletin and sermon for those two Sundays to Cindy to be sent to members by email blast. Should the cancellations extend beyond March 29, George will also send daily devotions by email. The Consistory will meet March 30th to evaluate the need for further cancellations and modifications and to brainstorm how best to keep members connected in these challenging times. Church finances will also be reviewed at the meeting.

After Easter, George plans a quarterly meeting with the Pastoral Relations Committee as well as a meeting with the parents of next year’s Confirmation class.

The Consistory unanimously accepted the report.

Ministry Reports

(See Ministry Reports, March 16, 2020.)
The Property Committee meeting on March 18 will be cancelled. Bob V. will meet with Mike W. that night for Mike to review the night lighting at the church as part of a security review. April 4, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. has been chosen as a spring cleanup day at Zion and Zion House with a focus on the yard, driveway, weeding, and spreading mulch. An invitation to participate will be put in the bulletin with a suggestion to bring along rakes and shovels. New counting forms have been put into use by the money counters (see New Business). Plans proceed for Totem Pole outing. A request for updated pictures for the on-line directory has been put in the bulletin. The audio part of the A/V project is nearing completion as is the Sanctuary lighting project.

A motion was made by Jay J. to accept the Ministry Reports and was seconded by Debra S. The motion passed.

Church Security: Bob V. will meet with Mike W. who will be doing a church security review.

Lockbox Inventory: Consistory members were given updated copies of the ACNB lockbox contents. They will review the items and recommend what can be removed at the next Consistory meeting in April.

Amblebrook Brochure: Cindy will pursue having MinuteMan Press do a printing of 100 copies of the brochure. She and George will revise the brochure contents for more general use with a printing of that brochure as well.

HolyCow! Survey & Search Committee: Wayne will check with David M. of Samaritan Counseling to verify the March 26th meeting about the survey results with Consistory and the Profile Committee. Depending on the virus circumstances, this may need to be re-scheduled. Pastor George recommends establishing a second meeting with David to discuss a new called pastor’s necessary skill set and a worship service date where David can report to the congregation. The Consistory should decide if they have specific questions about the Profile and whether there are comments they want included. Wayne will supply current copies of the Profile for review. Establishing a Search Committee is still a little way down the road.

Community Aid Grant: After a review of prior grant applications, it was decided to wait until summer for the Hoffman Foundation grant process.


Removal from Rolls: Consistory was informed of the transfers of Michael A.and Robert & Sharon T.

TV for Sunday School: C.E. Director Dana B. has requested a newer television for the Sunday School area to take advantage of the now functioning wifi. Consistory will look into cost. Depending on size of unit, one Consistory member may have a wall mount available. There is a possibility of funding it by using monies from Adult Sunday School checking account (see Money Counter Changes).

Chicken BBQ: The Mission Committee would like to hold another chicken bbq fundraiser this year, possibly late April or early May. Date and/or feasibility of venture may be determined by the COVED-19 virus situation. More discussion to follow at later date.

Money Counter Changes: Revised forms have been developed by Jay J. and Treasurer Kathy J. for use by the money counters. The forms are more straightforward and allow for simple addition of entire deposit. Consistory members were given copies of the new forms and old forms and found the new forms more intuitive. Jay has been and will continue to meet with monthly money counters at the beginning of the month and explain the forms. He will look for feedback from them throughout the year. Counters will make photocopies of all checks. Kathy will rewrite a one-page instruction guide with bulleted points to be given to the counters. Craig L. will inquire about closing out an old adult Sunday School checking account and transferring the money to Sunday School budget line, possibly using some or all of it for a new television for the Sunday School area.

Pastoral Transition – Please see HolyCow! Survey and Search Committee above.


Eight attendees enjoyed the Mens Breakfast at the Apple Bin.

The new sanctuary lighting is presented to the glory of God and in memory of Doug P. by Carol P. and Dick and Joe S. Their generosity is appreciated.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m. with a motion to adjourn made by Jay J. and seconded by Craig L. The next consistory meeting will be on March 30, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. to review the worship service schedule, with the next regular monthly Consistory meeting to be held on April 20, 2020.