Consistory: Minutes July 27, 2020

Meeting Opened at 7:02 p.m. In Attendance:  Rev. George H., Wayne B., Debra S., Bob V., Minda  H., Tom D., Craig L., Jay J.


Opening Devotions:   Bob V..


Office Manager’s Report

A motion was made by Tom D. to approve the minutes of the June 15, 2020 meeting and was seconded by Bob V.  Minutes were approved.


Consistory Secretary’s Report

A thank you was sent to Dawn C. for her years of service as Sunday School Secretary.


June’s Attendance

2019 2020
Date Worship Attendance Sunday School Attendance Date Worship Attendance Recorded Sermon
June 2 95 June 7 out/zm 57/5 5
June 9 122 June 14 out/zm 52/0 8
June 16 45 June 21 out/zm 43/0 10
June 23 68 June 28 out/zm 56/0 7
June 30 76


Treasurer’s Report

General Checking balance as of June 30, 2020                      $90,091.98

General Fund balance                                                             $47,433.44

Income for June                                                                      $20,445.21

Expenses for June                                                                   $16,017.17

Surplus for the month                                                               $4,428.04

Zion’s members were especially generous in June leaving a surplus for the year of $547.16.  The projected monthly offerings needed in the budget still are at a deficit of over $7,000.00.  The Edward Jones and Lord Abbet investment funds showed small increases for June.  The Memorial Fund balance was transferred to the Steeple Fund.  The Diveley CD was renewed at the highest available rate.  Choir Director Sharon C. was paid for June and July as substitute Director Diane M. finished in May.  ACNB has not received directions for reporting the Payroll Protection Plan loan/grant.  There may be legislation that omits the reporting need for loans under $50,000.00.

Zion will be moving to ACNB Master Card debit cards for both the general checking account and the Matthew 25 fund.  Jay J. made a motion to approve authorizing Cindy B. to be added to the checking account as signatory and to issue debit cards from both accounts to her.  Debra S. seconded the motion.  The motion passed.  Cindy will send Kathy a copy of the minutes reflecting this motion to be submitted with the card application.  Once the cards are issued, Cindy will cancel the Bank of America Master Cards.  When a new minister is called and hired, he/she can be added to the accounts if necessary.

Zion received two donations in memory of Carolyn W.’s sister which Kathy will deposit in the general fund.  She will send a notice to Joyce B. who manages the Memorial funds so Joyce can send thank you notes.    Tom D. questioned if the Payroll Protection Plan was going to be re-funded by the government and if Zion would then apply for another loan/grant.  The Treasurer will monitor the legislation, and the Finance Chair will move quickly if another loan is possible.  It was noted that the money counters are now counting the money in Fellowship Hall after the Sunday service.  A motion was made to approve the Treasurer’s Report by Minda H. and seconded by Craig L.  The motion passed.


Pastor’s Activity

(See Pastor’s Report:  Rev. George Heberling, June 12 to July 23, 2020, submitted on July 27th.)

Pastor George noted his mileage is much lower due to less visitation during the pandemic.  He commented on the great attendance at outside worship despite the heat.  While he had a disappointing number of responses to his Confirmation letter, those who responded were unanimous in wanting Zion to hold its own formation course, preferably during Sunday School.  At the UACT pastors’ meeting, the other pastors noted their class plans are very tentative due to the virus.  Pastor George recommended that no class be held this year so that a newly called pastor can start fresh next year.  Zion has only one student, Mason K., who would be in the second year of his formation, and Pastor George will probably meet with him via Zoom to finish his preparation with Confirmation occurring in the spring.  It was also noted that Sunday School feedback was sparse as well.  The Consistory agreed to postpone starting Confirmation class until next fall.

Debra S., Angie V., and Pastor George will attend the virtual Penn Central Conference annual meeting in late August representing Zion.  Cindy will register them online. The Consistory unanimously accepted the Pastor’s report.


Ministry Reports 

.(See Ministry Reports, July 27, 2020.)

Debra reported the July hot dog roast was cancelled due to the heat, and Fellowship is considering cancelling the August roast and holding them in September and October when it will hopefully be cooler.

The Property Committee received a quote for redoing the Sunday School roof.  Wayne is hoping to have the materials donated (a savings of $8,700.00).  If that occurs, the cost to Zion will be approximately $21,000.00.  The roof project will be scheduled for this fall or early spring.  Craig L. will contact janitor Ken S. about the location of the recycling bins.

A motion was made by Debra S. to accept the Ministry Reports and was seconded by Bob V.  The motion passed.



Worship Update:  Zion’s members are worshipping and singing!

Covid-19 Task Force:  Dana, Wayne, George, Fred, and Craig met July 26th.  After discussion, they recommend keeping worship outdoors until the end of October with October’s services held at 10:00 a.m. Sunday School will tentatively start November 1st although Dana may schedule some Zoom sessions and activities in September and October.  The Task Force will continue to meet monthly with possibly more meetings in October to firm up steps to be taken to re-open the sanctuary for worship.  Minda H. will email Dana the Consistory’s decision concerning Sunday School.



Christmas Eve:  There is a possibility Christmas Eve service may be live-streamed rather than in-person.  The Choir Director has been so advised.

Wage Payments:  The Choir Director, Organist, and Janitor will continue to be paid their full amounts.  Craig will review their contracts and work duties and report at the next Consistory meeting.  There should be more knowledge of a renewed PPP by then also.

Thank You Notes:  None needed at present.  Consistory is still considering the type of thank you due to two members of the congregation but wish to be worshipping in church to acknowledge their efforts.

Pastoral Transition:  The writing of the Profile is almost completed; the July 28th meeting may wrap things up.  Pastor George will review it and possibly add an opening statement.  It will be sent to Cindy B. and Debra S. for editing.  Then it will be sent to the Consistory for review and questions.  Once it is approved by Consistory, it can be submitted.

The next step in the process will be the formation of the Search Committee.  Cindy will have half sheets of paper available on the card table on the first two Sundays in August so members can anonymously submit recommendations of five people whose opinions they respect and trust by August 16th.  Consistory can then review the submissions and use them as they consider who will serve on the Committee.  There should be a maximum of seven people with all demographics of church membership represented including Sunday School parents.  Prospective members must read the church profile and agree with it before agreeing to serve.  Pastor George will hold three training sessions for the Search Committee, and the Profile Committee will attend the first session, also.

INFORMATIONALThe cousins of Tony B. (Larry, Dean, Roger, Wayne, and spouses) propose to place a bench in memory of Tony at the church.  Roger will build the bench, possibly of Spanish cedar.  After church on August 2nd, Consistory members will meet at the church to review possible placement locations.

Pastor George’s contract as Interim Pastor expires at the end of July.  A motion was made to extend the contract for one year by Jay Johnson and seconded by Minda Harbaugh.  The motion passed.  Cindy will have an updated contract ready for Pastor George’s signature on Thursday, July 30th.  In recognition of the stability he has provided and will provide by staying until a new pastor is hired (hopefully), the Consistory agreed to pay Pastor George an additional month’s salary when he leaves Zion’s ministry.

The possible donation of a display case was discussed, but no need was found.


A motion was made by Jay J. to adjourn and seconded by Tom D.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:21 p.m.  The next regular consistory meeting will be in-person on August 17, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall.