Bible Basics: A Pop Quiz

Wisdom is a tree of life to all who hold fast to her, and all who hold fast to her are happy.” Proverbs 3:18

March 16, 2011:  We had a  pop quiz!  Especially for the benefit of our confirmands, we thought it would be  a good idea to see where we stand.  The quiz follows.  We also looked at some of the stories of Jesus’ miraculous power in Mark chapter 4-7.  We were very taken with the intriguing statement in chapter 4:36 regarding Jesus:  “And leaving the crowd behind, they took him with them in the boat, just as he was.”  What in the world does that mean, just as he was?’  Food for thought…

 Bible Literacy: A quick check! 

  1.  How many books in the Old Testament?__________________________________________
  2. How many books in the New Testament?__________________________________________
  3. Name the gospels in order:
  4. Which is the oldest gospel?___________________________________________________
  5. Which is the newest gospel?___________________________________________________
  6. Which gospel uses the term “immediately” most often?_____________________________
  7. Which gospel is considered a bridge from the Old to New Testament and is often called the most Jewish of the 4 gospels?_______________________________________________________
  8. Which gospel writer also wrote another book of the New Testament, and what is the other book?______________________________________________________________________
  9. Which book of the Bible tells the story of Moses?___________________________________
  10.  How many versions of the Creation story are there, and in what book of the Bible are they found?______________________________________________________________________
  11.  What does “Covenant” mean?__________________________________________________
  12.  What person is considered the father of Judaism, Christianity and Islam?__________________
  13. What promise did God make to Noah and what is the sign of the promise?_________________
  14.  Where would one find a list of the Ten Commandments?________________________________
  15. What is a parable?  Name one parable_______________________________________________
  16. Which of the gospels tell about Jesus’ birth?
  17.  Which of the gospels tell about Jesus’ death?
  18. Who baptized Jesus?_____________________________________________________________
  19. Name one of the Patriarchs of the Old Testament______________________________________
  20. Who told Eve to eat the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil?________________
  21. What happened when she did eat the fruit?__________________________________________What was the name of the other tree in the garden?__________________________________