A Chance to Learn about the Hindu Faith

The YWCA Gettysburg & Adams County will host Lakshmi Viswanathan for a discussion of Hinduism during the April 19 Brown Bag Lunch. The session will be held at noon in the YWCA Community Room, 909 Fairfield Road, Gettysburg.

Lakshmi was born in the small, agrarian town of Tanjore in southern India. As a young woman, she moved to Bombay (now Mumbai) where she completed her education and worked as a Hindi language teacher for eight years. After relocating to the United States in 1967, she developed a new career in accounting for small businesses. Having raised three daughters in the U.S., Lakshmi has come to love and admire her adopted country and takes the responsibilities of American citizenship seriously. She will speak about the myths and truths of Hinduism, the ancient religion of India, highlighting how the religion’s unique complexity and flexibility allowed it to survive both Muslim and Christian rule in India.

The session is free and the public is invited. Participants can bring their own lunch, or order from the Ragged Edge II, located inside the YWCA. Please register for the session at 717-334-9171, ext. 113, or aahayes@ywcagettysburg.org